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    From yorkshire, England, been working in Thailand for ten years,
    background in engineering,
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    windsurfing.feeding bugs by growing veg.

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  1. Well it been ages since I updated this page,I gave up on trying to grow vegetables and greens,just too many bugs and the high humidity,but latest venture coming along nicely,I have Bananas in my grow beds and they have just started to fruit, so fingers crossed, I also have fresh water Crayfish living in the filters that I hope will breed, but catching them is another matter maybe something like a crab pot would work. Mike
  2. I presume that growing indoors you have more control over growing conditions,I have no personel knowledge of the effect light wave lengths have on the plants but have read that you can increase the flavour of veg by altering the make up of the growing lights,to me the only advantage is that you can grow in town close to your market,reducing transport costs and time,and of course there is the niche value of growing this way, but the high cost of initial set up and the building rental must be large. Underwater basil What we need is a trial underwater farm,say somebody who lives on an island in clear sea who could try this, just think, no aphids,leaf miners,or other pests,but offset by the chance of shark attack or blue bottle sting on your way to pick your basil
  3. Hi Gary, Thailand is in mourning for the Late King with the TV broadcasting programs non stop, showing the good work he did in his life time,he started many agricultural projects to help feed the poor,such as introducing Tilapia farming and the growing of many types of veg , other than that it is very wet, just waiting for cool north monsoon winds to start blowing, Aquaponic wise have a couple of banana plants in the grow beds which are going strong,hoping for a good crop in a few month, and just started with some crayfish in a tank, fingers crossed they don't eat each other before I get a chance. The growing salad veg in the video clip looked very space age,I saw on the same channel that they are doing trials on growing basil underwater in warm sea water in clear plastic bubbles, the sea keeps a constant temperature and condensation provides the fresh water.
  4. Hi Watched this food show the other night,regarding the sustainability of Salmon farming,and this clip was part of the show, so put it onto YouTube, Not very detailed but nice clip Mike
  5. I cannot answer, as this would violate what I have just said Mike
  6. The purpose of a demo unit is to prove a concept before committing to a full scale working project,We need to know if this gives better results than what we already have. The temperatures in various parts of the world are interesting as are nautical terms but nothing to do with this thread. Lets find out if it grows Plants? and does it do so efficiently .
  7. wetauser


    Spasibo Gary, But even after the incident with the elephant in the local pool, I Decided to stick with Mike
  8. wetauser


    They have to learn to tuck their heads into the body during the forward rolls to avoid the extremely G forces generated and the danger of passing out,soiling of the pool water was also an early problem.
  9. "Didn't see any at the link with nearly enough air though. Did I miss it?" Whoops! sorry it was late last night and I didn't look at the specs too closely , I have two Medo LA120 and they just keep running
  10. Medo make a range of DC piston air compressors , I use their ac mains powered units, very reliable and long lasting. http://medousa.com/products/dc-pumps/ Mike
  11. Hi Ande, See that you have a radio controlled dog, very high tech Mike
  12. What if there had been no intervention in Iraq to cause the destabilisation in the first place,would things be any worse than they are now? Years ago I used to work with Pakistani crew mostly from the remote mountainous regions ,and they told me that a man with a large family was a strong man because then if anybody shot him there were plenty of male relations to take revenge on the shooter or his family, these disputes last generations until the initial cause has long been forgotten. So what chance has a foreign power to solve these ongoing tribal and personal disputes. Only the consensus of a people can effect lasting change.intervention by foreigners makes things worse.
  13. Wow!, what a lot of negative comments about a guy who is spending his own money how he wishes, probably caused by the statement in the first post "this seems like a great gift to the industry' Are these negative comments designed to stop us worshipping a false god?
  14. Never milked a mother in law ,but would think it highly dangerous Mike
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