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    Caca - it pronounce zaa zaa, happily married, teenage tween sons.
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  1. yup, it's me. welcome or how we say in serbian/croatian Dobrodošao
  2. Caca

    Hi ande

    first i wish you and your family all the best in 2017.

    My friend from Croatia want to build commercial AP trout system. Its around 500m2 DWC, So if you know or recommend someone to help him with that project and install that system ,how the can reach them, it would be awesome.

    He ask for my help , but I don't have experience in big systems , so I remember you. :) 


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    2. ande


      Hi again Caca

      This company might be more in to trout farming, but have buildt aquaponic systems as well  http://www.akvagroup.com/news/fish-salad


    3. ande


      Hi Caca

      The EU aquaponics hub may be the best place to go first https://euaquaponicshub.com/about/

      Iff you scroll down and click on

      you'll find contact info for Croatia all employed at

      University of Zagreb

      Faculty of Agriculture
      Svetosimunska 25
      10000 Zagreb

      This doc/pdf  (Association of Commercial Aquaponics Companies (ACAC) )

      contain some contact info http://euaquaponicshub.com/hub/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Association-of-Commercial-Aquaponics-Companies.pdf

      Also this doc/pdf http://www.nordicinnovation.org/Global/_Publications/Reports/2015/P11090 - Aquaponics RAPPORT -13 01 16.pdf

      gives valuable info regarding AP in Europe


    4. Caca


      Hi ande

      I'll forwards all information to Croatian. He ask for my help bs he never try AP , but he want to go commercial and he saw my tread  " AP for beginners " in Serbian gardening forum where I promote AP and share my experiences.

      I thank you on his behalf

      cheers and beers


  3. Caca


    Tnx, and you should come and visit , we have best burgers in Europe here.
  4. Caca


    nice song , sound like french and american country music mix style to me.
  5. Solution is to put hand on stove ,while sitting next to a beautiful girl. I have similar experience when I was making love with with girl on nettle plant.
  6. Tank you Gary, It means a lot because I learned a lot from you, not only about AP, but also as a person and I know about your fight with cancer. I'm uncomfortable talking/writing online about personal matters and my feelings in details,especially coz I don't do that in real life. Reason for that is that people give me advise which I already know, try to motivate me, and I'm grateful for that but, I was born motivated. Never have a lack of motivation in my life so far, I never lose hope. Born positive,optimistic. Kind of person that others come for help,money and advise. Only thing that I really need in my life is love from my wife and kids, which I have.
  7. Tnx ande for the kind words As you know,well, I'v been to hell and back before, so second time it's like riding a bike.I know the drill. Plan is to dedicate 80 % of time to veggie garden (eat healthy and save money) and less to AP for now. Its gonna be a small raft setup to with big FT with low density fish, to use AP water for garden, so that I can anytime add more fish and beds. Cheers and beers
  8. you should be sponsored by Nike Thank you Gary ohh its being very difficult few years for me , My wife lose job, layoff from work, year after me to, following year my father die from heart attack, my kids take lose of grandpa badly (depression),I'm trying to "glue it" all , everybody looking at me as a strong one in family , especially my mother. Life goes on, is time to pull even harder, and do some gardening and AP to calm down and relax my mind. Cheers
  9. Hi all After a long break due to personal problems , thinking to go start over again.
  10. Caca


    Sound clash of two now most popular bands in Balkan, S.A.R.S. and Dubioza Kolektiv
  11. Caca


    Greetings from Balkan and Dubioza Kolektiv "We admire enthusiasts like WikiLeaks, The Pirate Bay, people like Edward Snowden who are fighting against the government and large corporations, but not for personal profit but because they believe in an idea, even at the expense of personal freedom. It is always inspiring to watch people find a way to circumvent the system " band memeber
  12. Caca


    I like second song more, looks dark at first but on second listening it's not. Like Ennio Morrricone. and his wife
  13. Nice picture Lucky there is no kryptonite inside, that stuff make u weak, or maybe it's just me.
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