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  1. Copied from Nimbin Beekeepers group. (local home of the Flow Hive inventors) A FLOW HIVE CONFESSION. When Flow Hive launched in 2015 I was amazed and fascinated with the invention thinking, WOW this is going to be so good for the bees! Some beautiful people, many of them good friends, have a Flow Hive. During my five years working at Save the Bees Australia, I rescued bee colonies and helped mentor and set people up with bees for their Flow Hive’s. It is a hive that has made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated over the years. In the cold climate of Victoria, it was a rare
  2. Hi Russell, Welcome to APN. Without knowing the answer upfront, I would suggest it is related to a calcareous mineral your substrate. What are you using as your growing medium / substrate ? Cheers Toga
  3. Hello Tariq, welcome to APN forums. I'm sure you will find plenty of information here... that usually leads to plenty of questions... and good questions helps us all learn more and share the knowledge. Cheers Toga
  4. Hi Bertglo, Ideally you would have supplemental aeration running 24hrs per day. Without supplemental aeration for 10hrs is extremely high risk of ammonia spiking, especially when you have medium - high fish density. Cheers Toga
  5. Toga

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Ande Merry Christmas Everyone Stay safe folks! Cheers Toga
  6. Awesome mate - maximum used of your harvests and environments, Ande. Maan.... love the bit "then went and picked some apples". Well Done ! Cheers Joe
  7. Hi Ande, Thats really interesting regarding bitterness and freezing to release the sugar content. We have many 'edible' berries here too, but most are beyond bitter... might try freezing some ! Cheers Toga
  8. Hi Hooked, Yes, my winter water temps only drop to 12-15c for a very short period. It is not uncommon practice for those with larger systems to cycle 2 species per year. Warmer water perch, cod or barramundi during summer months and a cooler water fish like trout during winter months. Cheers Toga
  9. Hi Hooked, welcome to APN. Sounds like another interesting build, and now move. Ive never needed to heat during winter here in OZ, so can not offer too much advice. House insulation rolls have been used to great efficiency, if you can get them at a good price. Cheers Toga
  10. Hi Tam, I assume you put a ball valve on because the water was stirring up the sand on top to much ? So you turn it down a little ? I note you also put some material on top of sand to prevent it stirring up. The water flow needs to be maximum. Open the valve completely. If you put a "T" piece on the outlet hose it will: a) Minimise sand disturbance b) Divert the water into 2 directions c) Push the water across the sand (Not down into it) d) Even water flow through a maximum surface area I am not familiar with that test kit brand. Do you have a friend with his own t
  11. Hi Tam, In my view, these are individual things that I see, that when combined, create the issues you are encountering. 1- Fish per Volume (Species dependent) 800ltr tanks are good for approx 10-40 fish intended to grow to a reasonable food fish size. 2- Grow Bed Water Flow I believe the water is channeling from the hose outlet, through only a very small amount of sand area near the hose, then straight out the bottom. Thus only a very small percentage of sand is being colonized by good bacteria. 3- Total System Water Turnover A 2000lph pump, pumping 1 meter high fro
  12. Hi Tam, Excellent response with quality info, thank you. This latest info continues to add weight to (add data confirming) my original thoughts and opinion regarding bacterial issues. I will add a detailed response *EDIT* In the morning**, however, I have one more fairly critical set of questions. Regarding the drain from the grow bed... A) Is the drain located in the centre ? B) Do you have a stand pipe / strainer raising a little from the bottom ? If so, How high is it from bottom ? C) Can you describe in a little more detail how you made / setup the standpipe / strain
  13. Hi Tam, Sorry to hear of more issues. So far your pics do not give me an accurate idea of your whole system setup. A) - System Layout / Specs Layout of growbed looks circular. What is the Depth ? Where does water go in ? Where does it drain out ? Where is the fish tank ? Shape & Depth ? Where does water drain in from growbed ? Where does it pumped out from ? (location of pump inside the tank) What water volume does it pump per hour ? What are your pumping cycles ? Do you pump at night also ? .... OR Only pump cycles at day time ? What grade is that san
  14. Hi Tam, OK. Keep us updated. We all would be interested in seeing some pics of your setup. Sorry for my bad use of the word "investment". I have no "investment" here... we all offer our time and info for free. I was making an example of how sometimes in life everybody needs to consider what they will get in Return for the Investment. Sorry for any confusion. *Example* If you invest $100 on fingerlings + $100 on food + 100 hours of work + $30 on electricity BUT your return is only 2 kilos of fish a few tomatoes and lettuce. Sometimes when faced with this above exam
  15. Hi Tam, That is great news ! .. and in such a short period of time ! Your timely interventions have shown their merit - Well Done ! Stopping mortality was priority #1 I am away at the moment and do not have time to comment in great detail. Perhaps someone else will add their thoughts too. I would advise caution adding too many fish at once, so soon at this point in time. Because of the new systems and issues thus far, and still existing issues. Your plant issues are multiple: Extremely stressed due to system issues, Nutrient lock out due to pH and now pests. In ma
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