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  1. sorry to hear about youre continuing tilapia deaths! perplexing! i agree could be stress related due to noise, or building material contamination(grinder dust) tried carbon filtration? take youre well water for professional analisis. Also use eye protection when grinding (i have had 3 near escapes!) regards
  2. wow good fish pugo. how old are they now?/ were they lol
  3. i use uv sterilisers on my tilapia breeding aquariums. there are 2 types generally. the ones classified as clarifiers, and the more heavy duty ones which are sterilisers. generally the ones which are in the clarifier range (jbl, jebo, and the lesser aquarium models) are pretty useless i find. i am very happy with the tmc range . i use the tmc vecton 200 models. they also have very reasonabley priced replacement parts. the reason i started using them, is i have my tilapia split into 2 locations, one i only see once a week, and i had a particularly difficult fungal infection at 26 c ,there due t
  4. i have loads ripped off the net. type in beekeeping pdf!!A couple of years reading! regards
  5. looking good ! peppers already! congratulations! keep and eye on the fish , fungal outbreaks can sometimes be a pain in the b%$tt , especially if they dont go away at higher temps.
  6. i dont know for sure how you set it up , but you might want to turn of the solar heater pump at night, you might be losing heat through the hose if it is cold ?
  7. the tilapia will enjoy the warmer water! hope all goes well! fingers crossed for you also
  8. I also feel 100% water change is a bad plan. You are better doing multiple 50% changes in order not to further stress ill fish. regards
  9. Ravnis, i think i can rule out zinc poisoning, considering he had other fish in the same tank for quite a period of time with seemingly no problems, and the tilapia have been in there for a short period in comparison. also considering the amount of water changes hes says he´s done, i believe the zinc accumulation in the water and fish in such a short period of time would be very small. 1 gram per liter is as you say a maintenance dose or more explicitly as a preventative measure, is useless now as the fish have an obvious serious case of fungal infection . Also i am surprised that you don
  10. helomech, i gotta crash out. fingers crossed for you!
  11. what % new water/ tank water? looking like nasty salt unless there were chemicals in ice bucket..
  12. you did use fish tank water into ice bucket and not new well water?! you did dissolve salt completely into it beforehand? i reckon you should get different salt..
  13. I dont know where you got that from ravnis 10gram per liter is quite common, and not especially high , even for 20 minutes. with tilapia i have left them in that % solution for an hour and a half with mossambicus. What makes you think that is way too much? also rather surprised that type of comment comes from a aphq ambassador who should know his fish and treatments..
  14. another 30 gram per liter link for short term baths http://www.seriouslyfish.com/article.php?id=15
  15. just did the math again, 23 gallons is 87 liters. 2lb salt is 907 grams. that still puts you in the safety margin by a long way. dont get depressed!
  16. http://www.fishdoc.co.uk/treatments/salt.htm . I think it was unsuitable salt or temperature shock. you can go upto 30 grams per liter on certain fish
  17. sorry to hear about the dead fish. i use doc wellfish´s aquarium salt 50 grams in 5 litres of water for 20 minutes and no problems. have done 3 treatments with no dead fish !?
  18. good man the fish will appreciate it! yep they eat algae. give them 3 dips, more if possible! hopefully they will start looking and feeling better. the increase in temperature they will also prefer!keep us all informed! regards
  19. earthangroup- reminds me of osmosis on boat hulls. nasty stuff pops out of those bubbles when you pop them. acids etc.. From what i read it seems it is the uncured resins in the building process reacting with absorbed moisture from the air, forming acids etc.. a new cure for osmosis on boat hulls are these heating pads which are placed on boat hulls, fully drying the fibreglass and resins. I guess the manufacturing process is to blame. also reckon the way to resolve these issues might be the curing of the tanks in an 80 degree oven when built , as mentioned elsewhere. regards
  20. if the females reckon that there is little hope for the young ie crowded tank, other females could eat young, aggressive male, not enough space etc. they will eat the eggs instead sometimes. Could also be high bacteria count or fungus in water infecting eggs, and females swallow dead eggs . maybe try uv steriliser?
  21. The book of the farm. English farming bible 1880 .I love this, also freely available to download here http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/The-book-of-the-farm/book-xbIj8Lqx5E2D-_rcvWloCw/page1.html
  22. By the way what style of fishing you do? trolling/jigging /popping..? I Love Gt´s!
  23. happy birthday paul! when youre next birthday is close and you feel like splashing out ona fishing trip to die for check out http://nomadsportfishing.com.au/wordpress/ Catch and release rules!! I´m full of envy you ozzies live in a wicked place! regards
  24. Yep looks like fin rot /gill rot. note also the enlarged eyeball milky covered with growth. check fish in a glass, you will see the fungus. have you removed remaining fish and salted in bucket? do it 2 or 3 times it will really help! salty water will start killing the fungus quickly, and the fish will be much happier. can you not put tilapia in small tank indoors with electric heater until solar heater built? It will be cheaper to buy an electric heater than to possibly buy more tilapia!
  25. another question.. are you letting new well water adjust to ambient temps before you dump it in fish tank? well water will be a lot colder, and temperature swings stress fish, which lower their immune system, which make them prone to nasty things..
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