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  1. It's looking good! Look forward to more pic's. I may be wrong, but is that a big caterpillar on the stem of the pepper? FISH FOOD! Cheers
  2. Or perhaps you could use a small wind mill to pump to a greater height - smaller flow, to then trickle down as needed from a header tank? Or, pay the kids some pocket money to run out with a bucket every few hours...
  3. Love the cave house - congratulations on all your hard work. Looking forward to reading about your setup - skip the nail guns tho.... Cheers.
  4. I am looking forward to seeing how your system goes. I like the graphics you used too, and nice house! Cheers.
  5. This is an easy fix! The complaint was that the plants were not deemed "common". Just get all the neighbours to do the same, and suddenly the most common plants on the street are a nice crop of veggies! A stand of corn, some greens, throw in the token flower for old times sake... Also, wait for a cold day, give the city offical an invite for a hearty bowl of vegie soup - maybe throw in some illegal chickens you have stashed in the attic - and he'll change his mind. (Maybe tape their beaks so he can't hear the clucking or you might get a fine!) And yes, Australia is pretty good...
  6. What about out of PVC, but seal the tubes and fill them with water?
  7. Underground with a lot of skylights? Just kidding...
  8. Hi all. The new house is nearly built and the backyard (and family!) is calling out for a new aquaponics setup. Looking forward to getting into it. Cheers.
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