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    I had no clue what aquaponics was until one day i was scanning through videos on youtube and aquaponics came up. Since then i have been overwhelmed at how amazing aquaponics is, and plan to expand on in the future, possibly industrial size if god be willing. Anyone if anyone has questions send them my way.
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    RC Airplanes, fishing, and rock climbing

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    San Angelo, TX
  1. That would be me Gary!!! Haha i was having a hard time trying to explain aquaponics in easier terms for the News reporter....My first few times trying to explain it was a little over the medias head. But you are so right about working with kids, it's really rewarding to see them wanting to do these things rather than play video games or what not.
  2. Watch Video HERE!!! http://conchovalleyhomepage.com/fulltext?nxd_id=219692 What other way is their to give back to your community than to give back to our future work force. Today after finally working with the school board and administrators I was able to install a small start up aquaponics system for Fort Concho Elementary in San Angelo, TX. Me being only 22, I feel this to be a huge step forward to giving back to the community and also inspiring the youth as well as community. You should have seen the smiles on the kids faces, and the news people got my phone number too lols; they want to start up a system as well. Bigger plans are to come, they will be receiving a grant to build a 20x20 greenhouse, as well as adding a 700gal system ( also added two 5000gal rainwater retrieval systems to water raised beds as well as topping off aquaponics system). Also, today I basically taught the students the basic concepts of aquaponics and fish health (Do's and Don'ts) ....yes they have my number on speed dial just in case things go south ( 4-5 mozambique tilapia will be introduced next thursday:P) Anywho, I would like to challenge each and every one of you to do something like this in your own community in the next coming years as it is so self rewarding. Godbless, Austin (325)450-6930
  3. Still waiting to hear from the real estate agent to work everything out on the plus side I have mastered growing green chili peppers. Off of my 1.5yr chili pepper plant, I have 93 peppers currently growing on it ranging from 3-7inches long, with about 200 flower buds on it as well. I can't believe the success i'm having with them. Ill update pics asap.
  4. thanks Kellen, I wanted to order the mozzies from you, but when I had called ya'll were sold out lols ( they sell like hot cakes)
  5. Thats what i would do craig, drill a hole into the lid and install some sort of pvc coil inside for the water to loop around and cool, and then have an exit port.
  6. Bahaha ANDE it's really catchy. I could tell mhaig
  7. I love that, it has biblical meaning too.
  8. The peppers are growing in a 6ftx8ftx6ft polycrystalline paneled greenhouse. As for pollination i hand pollinated about half of everything and to increase it i put lady bugs and praying mantis in the greenhouse. I also opened up the roof vents to let moths and butterflies come in to do their job Great thing about pepper plants is you don't have to worry to much about bugs plaguing them. Haha no joke, at this rate I could do very well making and selling hot sauce I like Austin's Aquaponic's. Also if you need tips on how to hand pollinate I can send some links your way.
  9. I would build a frame to suspend your growbed above the tank, trust me it is a pain to stick a net in the tank to catch fish when you've only got a 6-8in gap ( trust me on this).
  10. Hi everyone, I know it's been almost a year since i've posted on here due to this year being extremely hectic, but I have moved so much further into aquaponics it is insane. Not only did I build a new system I built three instead. I have also experimented with new seeds and I have had a 100% success on everything, so much so that I have 1.5yr chili pepper plants that are still blooming and producing an insane amount of peppers even in temps below 40F (80-100 a month per plant). Also I have had a great turn out with the mozambique tilapia, I started with 250 adults and have harvested over 50 now. We have also had a great turn out with them producing fry as well 200-300 every other week. We are currently developing a new system design in which me and my uncle plan to turn into a full sized commercial business. We have several investors on hold to kick us off (NFL football players and other business folk). We consider our success to be a blessing and we are just so estatic to achieve anything that god plans for this business. We are still pondering on what to name the business as Texas aquaponics is already taken...and how original is that lols. So if anyone would like to shoot some names out there we'd really appreciate it. Godbless, Austin Attatched: brief snap shots what has taken place this year
  11. Also i forgot to mention that I made a slight adjustment by making the water jet underneath into the bed....therefore allowing more aeration to take place algae no more
  12. first pic is day 2, and 2nd is day 5. Well it's been a while everyone, but aquaponics is about to kick off huge for us......yes it's about to go commercial size Be prepared to see some new gadgets and what nots in the next few months.....(i.e. hint....controlling aquaponic system via iPhone ...yes it's in the making). As for now ill show you an ibc system i set up 6 days ago. Everything started from seed....as you may notice i did away with the old barrel system ( fun lil experiment). I have another 700gal system.....but i can't show any photos of it as it is a prototype that may kick off the commercial end of it all ( i promise ill post pictures when everything is working). Back to the ibc system, i have two pumps on it temporarily until i get the new pump in the mail ( more power). There is 10 mozambique tilapia 4 females 6males...along with rio grande cichlids (no territorial displays at all). As for plants, i have pole beans in the front, chile peppers, squash, and basil. Missed all of you guys, specially Pugo
  13. Well the chelated iron is in a powder form so you just pour a bit into the water.....but i dont know how many gallons your pond is soooo yeah im lost on that. As for the algae growing on your roots/////thats not good news at all. The algae will slowly but surely deprive your plants of oxygen and die. That why floating raft systems need to have inclosed bottoms and sides so that light does not penetrate into the water. The UV from the sun rays increase the algae grow rate....less sun...less algae.
  14. For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. Thats why when you expend energy you cant get 101% back or higher....you'd be lucky to get 25% back with minimal uncertainties.
  15. Easy fix, you have an iron deficiency!!!!!! Whenever you see your leaves turning yellow and a major cut back in growth and produce production, you have an iron deficiency. So the solution to this is you need to buy some chelated iron.....but make sure it doesnt contain any copper or itll kill your fish....also some magnesium would help too.
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