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  1. I don't know what this is. The seed package was wet and name tore off when I pulled it apart. We will see soon. Basil Baby praying mantis Tomatoes
  2. It's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. My system is up and running. I will try and post some pictures. For the record, I have a sump mostly buried in the ground (275 gallon tote) which feeds a manifold. As of today, the five valve manifold feeds the fish tank (fifteen adults and about 50 brand new fry tilapia) and three 3'X6' grow beds (with bell siphons). I have a swirl filter installed between the fish tank and the sump. Everything seems to be running smoothly. I'm into my system for around $1,500. It's starting to get hot again so we will see what happens to the fish. The thermometer claims the water temperature is about 81. The three grow beds. A decent cantaloupe. Green beans
  3. Yes, it's in the direct sunlight. If the heat let's up for a day or two I'm going to install the biofilter I bought and build an enclosure (with an opening lid) around the fish tank, sump and filter to eliminate/reduce the problem. what other options do I really have?
  4. Just tested the water and got... pH 8.2 Ammonia .1 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 It's been near or over 100 F for three or four weeks. Everything is hot even the water in the system. Does the temperature of the water affect the growing bacteria colony and am I ever going to find fish that like hot water?
  5. So far it's a basic sump to the fish tank then to the three grow beds then gravity back to the sump.
  6. The system is running fine and all three bell siphons are working well. There was an auction yesterday and I was the high bidder on four 150 gallon rubbermaid stock tanks and an ULTIMA II BIO-MECHANICAL FILTER. I plan on selling the stock tanks on craigslist and installing the filter between the fish tank and the grow beds. Is there a better place for the filter?
  7. New numbers pH 8.1 Ammonia 3.0 Nitrite 5.0 Nitrate 20.0
  8. Mother-in-law's Report PH - 8.3 Ammonia - 4.0 Nitrite - 5.0 Nitrate - 10.0 Does this fit with the schedule?
  9. Before I left, I reduced the 2" stand pipe to a 1 1/2" with an adapter up to 2" and it still didn't take. When I get back into town I will run an extra water line to that bed which should solve the problem. My mother-in-law has been diligent about the system and reported this morning that pH at 8.3 Ammonia at 5.0 Nitrites at 2.5 Nitrates at 0 She wants to know if she should continue adding the urine and what can be expected in the next few days.
  10. I got the middle bell to work. The far bed will have to wait till I get back. I'm pretty sure it just needs a little more water flow. I can't take from the other two bells so I will run a line from my sump down to that bed and all should be fine. My mother-in-law will be at the house adding ammonia and testing the system while we are away. Hopefully it will be cycled be July 6 and I can start the which fish do I stock part of the puzzle.
  11. Sorry Frydaze1, I should have mentioned that. They won't start the siphon.
  12. Welcome. You will find many nice people willing to help. I joined recently and have been very grateful for all the information and hospitality. One bit of advice...start washing your rock media now.
  13. WASHING ROCKS SUCKS. I think they gave me half mud and half rocks. It doesn't matter how many times you wash them more dirt always appears. It's like perpetual motion. More important...Two of my bell siphons don't want to work. The bed closest to the sump, about six feet, works like a charm. The other two (about 18 and 26 feet from the sump) are not happy with their set up. They are all two inch stand pipes with a four inch bell that is notched at the bottom with about one inch between the top of the stand pipe and the top of the bell. I'm thinking it is the distance or the angle of the long drain lines (all the drain lines are two inch and have a 90 under the stand pipe and a 90 going into the sump). Suggestions are appreciated. I need to figure out the two bells and wash two more beds of rocks before Tuesday morning when I leave for two weeks.
  14. Is there a particular water testing kit that anyone recommends? I should be finished with the system sometime tomorrow and ready to start.
  15. Ravnis Thanks for the offer. We are leaving for vacation on Tuesday and I am working like mad to get everything, including my AP setup, done before then. I just don't have the time. My next door neighbor will add the urine and test the progress while we are away. Two questions... Should we plant some items during the cycle weeks? Should we continue adding urine until we get some fish?
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