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  1. hi all just wanting to know what the best type of air pumps there are on the market ?what is a reliable pump that i can buy spares for aswell .looking for a ten year life!if possible have a budget around 500 aud $. thanks scott
  2. haha pugo ur right ive seen the rats in the phils the cats r skinny and the street dogs even skinnier i think gp would be too small for slaughtering for my liking but each to there own . i have also eaten balut yum!
  3. hi all slaughtered 9 meaties and one naked neck on weekend only weighed 2 birds one was 3.3 kgs and the other 2.8 didnt bother weighing all birds thats dressed weight kept all feet ,livers,hearts giblets,and necks for human consumption guts and heads for dog and feathers and blood on garden bed nothing wasted probably got around 22 to 24 kgs meat all up which worked out at about 7.70 a kg after all costs easier to buy birds from shop and cheaper after all the effort but was still somthing diffrent to do and kids also learnt too me aswell a mate helped me and taught me how to pluck and gut good experience but would do it diffrent next time if there is one
  4. hi all im not sure if im on the right track but i made a small moving bed bio filter using 20mm corrogated pvc electrical conduit cut into 8 to 10 mm lenghts as my media
  5. hi jan yes ive left the light on 24/7 its an old style globe and also gives them a nice warm enviroment they actually sleep under it
  6. hi jan,yes i did notice the loud cheeping when the light was turned off haha .i have also managed to build a moveable pen its only 2mx2m i was worried it may be a bit small but i made it so i can move it around to diffrent parts of the yard so they can have a fresh piece of grass/dirt to scratch in every few days .at the moment there living in a large heavy duty cardboard box. how old will they have to be b4 i can move them outside into their pen ? or can cope with the winter temps ?it usually only gets down to 10 degrees here 5 on the odd occasion . thanks scott
  7. thanks jan will having the light on 24/7 do them harm ?will they sleep at all ?thanks scott
  8. i have now been reading about aquaponics solidly for over a month now only after stumbling upon it researching hydroponics until then i didnt know aquaponics exsisted .i am an avid reader of both forums and find them most interesting what i tried to do was to advise a member of pap to read garys thoughts on using oyster shells as media for trickle towers as i feel garys explinations of aquaponics are very through and detailed and the advice given is derived from his own experience keep up the great work gary really enjoy your detailed advise on all things aquaponics thanks scott
  9. looks like i opened up a can of worms haha
  10. hi all whats the water temp for plucking chickens and how do i gut them and prepare them for freezing/eating thanks scott
  11. hi all i will be picking up my one day old meat chooks in 3 weeks .i know my layers eat 100gms to 120 grams of food a day and ive never reared meat chooks b4 so how much food would i allow for my meaties a day ?dont want to leave a bucket of feed in the chook house due to freeloaders {field mice,miner birds}also im going to seperate them into their own chook house what size house should i build ?there will be 12 meaties thanks scott
  12. thanks pugo what comes first the swirl filter or settlement tank im thinking the fish tank feeds the grow beds then goes into a settlement tank then to the swirl filter then back to fish tank does this sound right ? i have read some where that a sump/settlement tank wasnt required for a cont flow system ?any ideas on that thanks
  13. hi all i would like to move away from auto siphons and start a sub surface continuous flow system but im not sure if im on the right track . is sub surface continous flow the same as a nft hydro system ?how does sub surface continoue flow work properly ? thnks scott
  14. hi all, gary how do i build a trickling biofilter ?how do i operate/where do i place it in the system? and if i was to run one on an IBC system how big would i have to make it ?do trickle towers and swirl filters do the sams job? and when u say mechanical filtration what do u mean and whats a good example of a mechanical filter?thanks scott
  15. hi all what are swirl filters?how do they work? where in the system do they get placed ?how do i know if i need to use a swirl filter?and can i make one? how do i make one?thanks scott
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