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  1. Pugo

    Taiwan Bee Chronicles

    Never seen a typhoon with that much power.. scary !
  2. Pugo

    Taiwan Bee Chronicles

    My Property is fine. My place is in Mindanano. So everything is OK, family and friends all faired well. Can't so much for thousands of other people. So I guess we where lucky it didn't come our way. Beekeeping is very interesting not sure whether I am keeping them or they are keeping me. But I do find beekeeping fun.
  3. Pugo

    Taiwan Bee Chronicles

    Hi Gary Things are OK just so busy with work these days. Kellen rattled my cage today. So I popped in to check things out seems to be a lot of changes. Looks very clean and new along with a name change I see. Thumbs up, everything looks wonderful. Bees are easy nothing much going on right now with them. Couldn't even find a post that had not been answered, So it looks like you have things well in hand, my friend. If you need me just give shout I will do what I can. But even now I am buried in work. But I am getting the hang of it. So not much longer and I will have some free time.
  4. Pugo

    Taiwan Bee Chronicles

    Hahaha ! Thats is a good idea and it makes me laugh.. thank Gary.
  5. It has been a while, bees are fairly easy to deal with now after, I got the first year under my belt. Now I am an old hand at it.. I have researched and practiced everything possible with the little free time I have.. it is a lot of outside fun and you don't need to own a lot of land to be a beekeeper.
  6. I still find waste so close the quail a risk, not worth taking. in my point of view. The risk of pathogens is to great. However the worm bin is a brilliant idea just not near the birds. But that is just my humble opinion on the subject.
  7. Looks like this is a must in Japan now, after the problems that have been created by the Fukushima power plant. I am not so sure that things growing outside are safe to eat anymore.
  8. Welcome to the forum glad you have time to be here with us.
  9. Welcome to the forum, happy to see you here.
  10. Welcome to Aquaponics HQ, Glad to have you with us..
  11. No one has said how long they last.
  12. Love Quail always will. Glad to hear you are back in the quail business Gary..
  13. Yeah, actually the bee thing is doing okay Gary it has moved from two hives to eight hives already. My neighbor isn't disturbed by the sound during the day but once everything is quiet about 2am and it is the only noise around she can hear it. I sleep right over it and I can't hear the system at all.
  14. Hola Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will have fun.
  15. Looks like my system is going to be shut down, neighbor keeps complaining about the noise of the air pump. So after a year of listening to this over and over. I going to shut the system down. Anyone in Taiwan want an excellent AP system?
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