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  1. Hi guys! I recently went to clean my filter and found some green mosquitoes flying inside. Is there a way to counter this? The water flow is about 350 gallons per hour and they still reproduce in the walls of the filter. Does anyone have this problem? Thanks
  2. Hi Lagartijo! Al fin alguien de la isla! Welcome to the forum!
  3. Hi sgr! Try to match the capacity of your tank with your growbed size if youre doing ebb and flow. Try to figure your system out very slowly and taking notes. After cycling load your system with fingerlings 2-3 at a time. You'll be fine!
  4. Thanks Madodel! A friend who works with FG told me the resin he uses is safe for potable water tanks; i will research it to be sure. It costs about $13.00 a gal, so i think its cheap.
  5. Thanks Madodel! Saw your products, Great job! So i can cover my plywood raft tanks with fiberglass as long as the resin is UV stable? How many layers will it need?, considering plywood and timber will keep a firm structure... Is it cost effective?
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering what somebody with experience working with fiberglass thinks about using fiberglass instead of pond liner. Liner is expensive here in Puerto Rico, and i was considering that option. Will Fiberglass outlast pond liner? Thanks as always!
  7. Hi guys, i came across this product, EcoBio-Block, and was wondering how good is this? Is it safe for food production fish? This is their link! http://www.onedersave.com/how-it-works.htm
  8. Hi, Has anyone tried Tucunareh? (Peacock bass)
  9. Hi Ravnis! Thank you for the tip on how to get algae. How do I prepare the egg yolk? I need to cook it?
  10. Hi Pugo! I've tried feeding them powdered high protein pellets but they dont seem to be eating at all. I think they are too small... Also; can i leave Mom tilapia with them? thanks!
  11. Hi, My blue tilapia managed to breed, and i'm wondering what kind of alternative feed i should use. Is there a homemade alternative? Thanks!
  12. Hi Bob, Cut down on your feeding for a while! What's the PH on your system?
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