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  1. VKN, Glad you have avoided the majority of the flooding. Regarding your papaya tree cultivation, are you growing those in your typical rectangular sand bed that is about 12" deep or are you using a different setup...? Sure appreciate all the good photos and insight you provide. Stay dry..........mh
  2. VKN- Amazing what is happening in your world, you are to be commended. Pretty noble effort, “teaching people to fish” and not just handing out fish. IMO that is capitalism as it should be operated, all parties benefit and have the motivation to work hard to help others and profit... Keep up the posting, we are all ears...mh
  3. VKN, Great work my friend, keep pushing forward! looking forward to hearing more.....when time allows... all the best.....mh
  4. Cecil, I helped a friend of my layout a SS heat exchanger to heat his aquaculture closed loop with a 3/4" Hx made from corrugated SS gas line. (Photos attached). We stripped off the protective yellow jacket and run 120F boiler water thru a 60' long coil. I think we are running about 3 gpm thru the coil. This coil has been heating his 6000 gal system for 2+ years, no leaks no issues with water contamination. I put a 25' coil in my IBC fish tank to get some summertime cooling. It keeps the tank below 85F with (even with 100F+ outdoor temps. I use well water that is about 75F to run thru the corrugated tubes as the cooling source. Hope this gives you some cost effective options.......mh
  5. Cecil, The primary reason that copper nickel (CuNi) alloy is used in heat transfer applications is erosion resistance. The rule of thumb in my business (boilers, heat exchangers, etc) when a standard copper heat exchanger is used, the flow rate thru the tubes must be keep below 7.5 feet per second to lessen the chance of tube erosion. Using a CuNi tube allows the flow rate to be higher than the copper maximum. The nickel added to the copper affords CuNi about 10 times the hardness of standard CU. I am certainly no metallurgist, but in my experience the difference in chemical resistance between the two is nil, again my apologizes to the guys who know better.... I would expect that the reason the heat pump mfg uses CuNi in their Hx is that they over pump the flow just a bit to try to lessen issues with hard Indiana water. Ravnis is right; pH and TDS will have a direct effect on if/when you have issues with copper leaching into the water. I agree that the one-pass thru the Hx and then back to the pond probably won't be as risky as a closed loop system. But I would sure keep a close eye on things.
  6. Cecil, Make sure you confirm the heat pump's condenser material....most of them are copper. Don't know if a single pass thru the heat pump would be enough to taint the water, but better safe than sorry! If it's safe to use that is a great way to "double-dip", heat the house and get some free cooling for the trout........mh
  7. Mike, Everything is less than 2 years old I believe (other than one of the metal buildings and the 2 bed room home). All in very good working order........mh
  8. A buddy of mine has built out a pretty nice spread about 3 miles from my house here in Okla City, Ok, USA. In addition to the AP system and greenhouse, the property has a nice little 2 bd, 2 bath home! Has it listed for sale in several places https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/grd/5653826964.html His name is Russell and he will tell you all you want to know....
  9. Brian, I have been dragging my feet buying a small UPS to backup my FT aerator. The sight of your BGs floating has put that task back on the top of the to-do list... Sure sorry to hear about this, makes me groan in pain........mh
  10. Try telling the suppliers that you want sand that meets ASTM C-33 standard, one of the AQN threads went into more detail on this. I can get C-33 crushed granite that appears that it would be good on the pH side, not certain about particle size. Don't settle, get the good stuff first time.......mh
  11. Ksmith, Welcome to the group. I have roughly 100 4-6" bluegills in an IBC tank and they are growing and happy. Lost several during initial stocking of 1" fingerlings back in Nov 2015 and (2) a few weeks back due to an unknown incident. (judging by the bruising on the two fish, I suspect that they got wedged under a PVC suction 90....not scientific diagnosis, just my unlearned opinion). That being said, the rest of the clan has done pretty well, they take to floating feed well and love the occasional spider, worm or cricket that I toss into the tank. Not as hardy as Tilapia, but IMO one of the best tasting fish.....especially when pan-fried with their skins still on. The key to their health is without a doubt the iAVs sand bed filter, the fish tank water stays clear enough to see any nuts-bolts-washers-screwdrivers.....or whatever else I have had to "fish" off the bottom of the tank. Not sure how far along you are in building out your grow beds, but sand definitely deserves a careful consideration. Just pay close attention to the sand requirements! I am nothing special when it comes to operations, but here is a link to my experience.....http://aquaponicsnation.com/forums/topic/9675-iavs-in-oklahoma/?hl=%2Biavs+%2Boklahoma Best of luck...........mh
  12. Deuem, Not entirely sure that I understand your question, but let me offer the following.... I am been operating my iAVs since August 2015 and have never had ANY smell from the sand beds. I have about 100 bluegills that are mostly in the 4-6" range in an IBC tank and the sand keeps the water pretty darn clear. A bit of waste will hide in the corners of the IBC that I have to vacuum out once a month or so. I am only feeding the BGs about 125-150 grams of 1/8" pellet food everyday, so I am by no means stressing out the sand bed filter capability, but...... .....no smells in the greenhouse........mh
  13. Hi Wendy, I have read some of Jon Parr's blog from time to time, he maybe able to supply some fish stock. Not sure how close he is to you. http://www.fishnetaquaponics.com/fish.html He is a big proponent of using a local fish variety in his AP systems. Jon had given AQN a pretty I depth run down of a large Aquaponics operation that he had an interest in. Seems like a straight shooter. http://aquaponicsnation.com/forums/topic/8883-the-viridis-system/ Good luck!
  14. I filled out the survey, hopefully I won't be SPAMed to death!
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