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  1. Sadly, GMO's are here to stay. The corporates investing billions in these techs, do so because they have assurances from the body politic that there'll be nothing more than token resistence offered on the public's behalf. They spend these R&D bucks on sure things. Absolute certainties. Of course India and China are not third world countries, JD. My Chinese sister-in-law laughs at that perception held by white boys. These are countries with the richest cultural stories ever told. They are represented in international forums at every level and have stable political systems of government. Check the Forbes rich list. Buffet is first, from memory, then I think its Chinese, Indians and Russians. That's only indicative, not specific, but have a look. Oh, and before you say 'what about their poor', most are fed and these countries have an expanding middle class. Sadly, I believe, they're heading at break-neck speed for the bright lights of capitalism's Dreamworld. The Chinese and Indians will adopt exactly the abhorrant monopoly practices I referred to with regard to Western corporates. The Third World I study and know a liitle about, which will continue to be ignored by you and me, is exemplified by countries like The Sudan, Chad, Mali..... WHAT DO GMO'S OFFER THE PEOPLE OF THIS ROCK WE LIVE ON. It's just another big, exciting 'thing' for the haves to be distracted by. I know I'm going on, but there's only downside for the average punter like me. In years to come people will say 'why did Jim and Hamish and JD let themselves be tied, in every facet of their lives, to oil? And, not only that, they gave complete control of the entire world's resourse to a small band of elites. GMO's, we're gunna shaft ourselves again. At the risk of going far too far, if we're worrying about labeling, it's too late. The genetically engineered horse has bolted. Jim.
  2. Hi JD, Fair enough, we'll agree to disagree. I must though, say there are considerable obstacles which make it IMPOSSIBLE for third world countries to carry out develpment of GMO's. I'm sure you didn't mean to gloss over that point. My great fear, as I bored everyone with before, is our readiness to empower faceless mega-corporations with strategic capabilities which afford them unabated power to reign over us. The unholy Trinity, as I call it, has been shattered. The Church has gone, the State is going and the Men in Suits do as they please. I still see absolutely no redeeming features in the hollow sales rhetoric of the proponents of GMO technology. I'll shut up and go and check the cod. Cheers, Jim
  3. Quail, fish, salad, tofu, mushrooms.....mmm, sounds good!
  4. Hi Hamish, I meant to suggest this to you earlier. ted.com enter fungi into the search thingy and click on the talk given by Stammit. I've forgotten his first name, but he REALLY thinks outside the square. Jim
  5. Hi all, An interesting thread. I see no virtue in GMO's, I'm afraid. Food and energy production in the hands of a couple of mega-corporates. Gene pools locked away, inaccessible to producers other than those prepared to accept a price set low by the corps determining seed allocation; society living on whatever variety of food, fibre, energy source these corporates decide to release; varieties which don't produce viable seed, requiring producers to buy new seed every year. Most people won't have home-based, algae (or other) sourced energy; actually, no one will, because the multi-corp will own the patent. Hemp, I had a chat with a fantastic fella from the Vic Greens who thought hemp would be fundamenl to a new landuse system. I felt guilty of pouring cold water on the idea, but again, if a crop is to go into mass, broad-acre production, it carries the same potential problems as whatever its replacing. And even if its seed is sold as being better suited to the growing environment, the multi-corps will own the rights to it all. They then determine who gets what seed, how much seed, and when they get it....worldwide. They're able to effectively fix global food, fibre and, if you like, energy prices. I'm sorry, Jonathon, but to me, encouraging the development of GMO's, lessens the access of us all to an ability to cater to our own needs. We will, in very short time, find ourselves totally reliant on distribution of resources by big business who play global games of greed. As Murray and others have said, the Multi-corps couldn't give a 'fig' about saving the world's starving billions. That's the saddest endictment of them and the GMO tool. It'sjust a power trip. Jim
  6. Hi Chris, With Goulburn's drastic water situation it makes good sense to develop an AP system. One of our members is at Thirlmere which isn't that far from you, and would have similar climatic/weather conditions, so maybe there'll be advice there. I'm in Nthn Vic, but come through Goulburn to see family in Sydney and Kiama. Maybe we'll catch up some time. I'm just getting going with 119 Murray Cod fingerlings (lost one today) which I've moved from a 300L tank to an 800L tank. Anyway Chris, you'll get some sound, experience based info from these guys and kits and equipment too, if required. Read the magazines and trawl through the threads. Good luck, Jim
  7. Gary, Your last response was so close to home. I've forfeited quite a handy sum to explore something which didn't come off. It makes one realise how strong one's marriage is!! Gary's advice is very sound Hamish. You can always expand after ironing out the inevitable problems/opportunities which having a block of land will present. Spot on Gary, Jim
  8. Hi Hamish, It all sounds very exciting. Good luck with the yacht sale and land purchase. Other members can elaborate on cost to budget for, but don't forget fencing and weed control on your block. These two considerations will go a long way to establishing and maintaining good relations with your new neighbours, especially if they grow crops. Again, good luck. Fingers crossed for the sale/purchase. I'm really looking forward to seeing your expanded system. Jim
  9. Thaks Murray, Can't wait to see the pix. Very grateful. I've already blown the budget and will have to make do with the barrels as growbeds for now at least, but am happy to get timer, solar, etc peripherals from you. I've got a small nitrogen cycling system working and need to grade and graduate to the larger tanks as soon as possible. Cheers Jim
  10. Thanks Alex, I passed through Heathcote a few days ago when I (prematurely) picked up my cod. I'll give you a buzz tomorrow and come down ASAP. I've got two 2300L tanks. I know Gary suggests smaller ones but they were a fair price and its so cold down here I wanted the extra volume to retain heat. I've also got a heap of 200L barrels which I'll configure on seperate lines to take into account Gary's point about minimising disease transfer by having multiple growbeds. Thanks again Alex, Jim
  11. Gary, I'm keen to look at the autosiphon system you and Murray designed. Where do I find a description/plan of it? I need to get my system sorted. Thanks Jim
  12. Hi DJS, Last night on 'The Cook And The Chef ', Maggie Beer from the Barrossa, visited a farm which has quail, pheasant, guinea fowl, etc and the bloke said guinea fowl is numero uno, followed by quail. There was a quick glimpse of the quail, but I couldn't make out how large it was. Gary, do you serve one per person at a meal? Jim
  13. Thanks Martin, I think I'll forget the solenoid idea and look at a simpler valve. With regard to harnessing the energy imparted by the return water, I had wondered whether it is possible to set up a micro-hydro generator and keep back-up battery systems charged. All too complicated for me, I'm afraid, but interesting. Cheers, Jim
  14. Hi Martin, That's similar to the system I'm trying to set up, but can't get a flow control valve. Am I right in thinking that's a solenoid valve? I was told today that they don't work with less than 1M head. I have a submersible pump in sump, and want solenoids before and after the growbeds. Any ideas? My 120 Murray cod are doing well in the interim system I've got, but I didn't envisage having difficulty getting the solenoids. Not sure either, whether they'd be able to be operated with one of Murray's Sentinels? Any thoughts gratefully received. Cheers Jim B
  15. Hi Hamish, The tanins and phenols in cypress make it termite proof. For what its worth, I think new sleepers are preferable to old ones. The old ones have grit and even coal dust in them, which can stuff your tools. Gary's idea of concrete tubs is a good one. We have a mob called Pipeworks down here who sell seconds. Maybe when you get your block and have room. Thanks for your thread, mate. Jim B
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