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  1. So the pH in my pond has been working its way down to around 6.5, once it got to 6 I was going to buffer it up. However, looks like someone beat me to it! I checked the pH this evening and noticed it was up to 7.6. Was very surprised and been racking my head on why. Then I noticed I large piece of sidewalk chalk dissolving in the there. Sidewalk art has suddenly been popping up all over the city and I guess some thought my pond need some chalk too. I live on a busy street and people often stop to look at my fish, which I don't mind, but every now and then someone thinks its a good idea t
  2. Pens, nets, cages etc. in natural waters. These open systems have a bad reputation for contaminating the environment.
  3. Yup, I saw that. Any idea how much is RAS systems? I doubt very much as pen systems typically are so much cheaper.
  4. Pen style ph meters are not high quality. They might work for a few months, but then they will break. Test stripes and/or aquarium drop master test kits are cheaper and more reliable. I don't know why people are so obsessed with digital read outs. Just because the screen gives you two decimals does not make it any more accurate. Laboratory bench top pH units are extremely expensive and require constant calibration. Even if you take good care of the it, you will still be constantly replacing the probes.
  5. My Nutrafin test kit measures both free and chelated iron in water. It recommends a chelated range of 0.25-0.5mg/l in a planted aquarium. So if you're doing regular water changes with 2.5mg/l I think you are going to be fine. I just added a spoon full of chelated iron to my 580L system and tested the next day. It still came out below detection limits on my system. In another couple of weeks I'll do it again and retest. Once I get a reading I'll stop adding.
  6. A little bump here. Got things planted out for my 2013 season. Last year growth really took off after I installed a UV clarifier. Hopefully this year I'll get a full season's worth of good growth with having the UV system in from day one. No nutrients going to grow algae for me this year! - See more at: http://www.aquaponicshq.com/forums/album.php?albumid=28&attachmentid=7210#sthash.8gIH4StR.dpu
  7. My first system did not have a media guard of the drain pipe and it got clogged with roots. So I fixed that the next year with a 4" slotted PVC pipe as a media guard. I also put a media guard in the inlet location and packed it full of filter materials that could be removed and cleaned easily. When I cleaned my bed out at the start of this season I noticed a massive root ball around the inlet guard. My guess it was the better quality water and the roots were attracted to it. My only recommendation to you is to give up the space and have a bigger media guard. That and periodically cutting the
  8. Water flow rate and aeration info would also be helpful. How high are your ammonia levels? I always have a residual reading. Your plants could just be using up all the nitrogen before you get a chance to build up nitrates, which isn't always a bad thing. Some systems run just fine with zero nutrient readings. Do you have any algae build up?
  9. Yup, I drain them when not in use. Some people keep the fish tank indoors year round with water pipes going outside during the growing season. That's probably easier, but I like having a water feature in my front yard. People walking by always stop and ask me about it.
  10. I have pretty harsh winters. So I bring my fish inside each year. I try to move around 50% of the water and a good chunk of the bio filter media to reduce cycling time. Have two setups makes cycling much easier.
  11. Gary, I've read everything I've found on Dr. Savidov's operations in Brooks, Alberta. Unfortunately that's about 1400 km south of me in a much warmer climate. So I probably can't just replicate exactly what he does, but he still gets winter and I'm always interested in other operations. I'm actually going to a wedding in Calgary this summer and Brooks is only a two hour drive away. I might make the trip if I can arrange to see his operations.
  12. I have looked the earth sheltered greenhouse. Most of Yellowknife is built on exposed bedrock (basalt and granite), but I am fortunate to be on top of a rare sand vein. Unfortunately, because of that I have a really high ground water table as it's the only place for water to go. I've had to learn twice that if I pump all the water out of my pond, it will float to the surface. If I built an earth sheltered greenhouse it would just fill up with water. Add to that an extremely deep active layer and permafrost ice lenses, and you really don't have good conditions for an earth sheltered greenh
  13. So it looks like spring is finally coming. I cleaned out my pond on the weekend just before our first rain of the season. I was able to capture enough to fill 2/3 of my system and start cycling. The rest will come from water changes from my indoor system. In about a week I hope to start slowly introducing fish. I'm going to wait until things are cycled before I hook-up the UV. Things finished strong last year and I'm hopeful for a great things this year.
  14. I always hire a local with a gun when I'm working in the arctic. If you talk to the Inuit, they'll tell you the populations are exploding. Way more bears than ever before. That`s not the popular belief among southern based researchers, but they really don`t spend enough time in the arctic and there`s way too much area to make an accurate count.
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