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  1. Hello Nicklebutt. I am noob here, learning a lot and just love your forum name. bella
  2. Right on Gary. Got some real good experience in that area (lol I'm multi talented <= totally shameless promotion) as a hobby as well as professionally. Shoot me a PM lets talk. bella
  3. Hello Cecil. Soo, is it your website or not? 10-15 years ago one would build a website or have it build and "they would come" . Now a days there is a lot more to be done to keep it closer to page one of Google than page 1,487,492,958 bella
  4. Hello ecosystem, thanks for stopping by. Ditto on the walipini that's exactly why I thought the choice would work there. Here is some info in alum shade http://www.greenhousemegastore.com/product/50-percent-aluminet-shade-curtain/shade-cloth and of course there are a few shade % choices. Looking for shading for this "extreme" location I thought this would be a better solution than the dark shades available as those tend to heat up and keep the heat in a green house. Regarding starting small; I guess that would depend on what one calls a small system. Starting with the above design is small for me really there is not much of a "shoe string" budget difference between a 50 footer and a 100 footer green house. Might as well build for growth if my little experiment works out. Produce is for retail LA/Las Vegas both are pretty much same distance or the closer areas of San Bernardino, Riverside etc You wrote: "unless you don't mind possibly wasting a lot of money" - would you please expound on that. Thanks, bella
  5. Thanks for stopping by Maximus. Area longitude is -116.636440, temperature range is day: 61 to 105F, night 34 -71F, with some night drops to 26-27F and day highs 105-115F GH length to be 105F, width 25 at floor widening a % grade to top. What do you have in mind? Please comment. bella
  6. Hello Outbackozzie's Reading this thread was like reading a thriller one just can not put down. What an awsome story. I have learned so much and I thank you for your time and dedication you have put into updating this thread. bella
  7. bellaponica

    bellaponicas 1

    prelim aqua design
  8. Dia. I don't necessarily think that any harvest is quick and easy; especially when growing veggies. Fish is a different story. Having done some hard labor soil farming I dont think that there is anything harder, really. That being said the rafts would be pulled up to the end of the shelf and "unloaded" during harvest. Planting would not be as bad as harvest time since these rafts will be much lighter. BTW the width of each raft is supposed to be only 2 feet. Tanks to be built out of lumber. No concrete but eathbags. Walipini walls are usually built at % grade and those will again be reinforced with earthbags (real inexpensive = bags =$0.10 per and sand is free, lots of it in the desert) and if necessary papercrete blocks. Water barrels will sit on higher shelves built into the walipini wall North ( I may rethink that based on you suggestion). Totally agree with you there regarding heating/cooling. I am sure it is quite difficult to see from the smallish pics (Ive uploaded them large and ;( dont know why they shrunk) but due to the plants need for sunshine Ive got the long shelves sitting like terraces, each one of them pushed back against the wall like this: sunshine ------------------- raft shelves . . . . . . . . .--------------------- raft shelves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -------------------- fish tanks better pic (hopefully) Thank you for your help and your suggestions Dia, much appreciated. bella
  9. Hi Dia. Thanks for your Q. This is my first ever design in 3D and I did not use sketch up I found it harder to "play" with than my program. The program I used is Sweet Home. Considering that there is always sunshine in the Mojave Desert I don't really plan on using grow lights, shall see how that works out when I get this thing built. Do you have any thought on the design? Thanks.
  10. Hello Brad. Ive been researching a lot int he last year and found http://www.builditsolar.com/ very helpful when it comes to green houses and a variety of other topics like solar and wind power, solar heating, etc. This page contains a good few design ideas for sunrooms/sun spaces which I believe is what you are looking for. http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Sunspace/sunspaces.htm bellaponica
  11. hello everyone I am pretty new here and don't really know any one but would really appreciate your comments regarding the preliminary design Ive put together. The green house will be a walipini. Winter heating provided by geo therm and harvested water barrels on the north side. Summer cooling provided by geo tubes and cool tower and if needed aluminum shading. Each of the long tanks ~ 90+ ft long, will be in the ground approx 3ft deep. The design calls for 3 levels of raft style shelves on the perimeter of the GH and 1-2 raft shelves over the short middle of the GH fish tank. I have an issue figuring out the power, pump etc etc needs and would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance, bellaponica
  12. Thank you for the welcome Gary. Please check out my new aquaponics system design. b
  13. Got a question. How come I can not see the pictures in a thread? I.e. crusty's new system thread is great and very informative; a couple of pics besides what shows in attachment (1 hand drawn pic) would make the progress show so much better. In some posts crusty refers to pics i.e. "here", and "below" etc but no pics. I am logged in in case you wonder. Thanks.
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