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  1. i was reading a beekeepers forum about this.. (interesting how different/new ideas are treated on just about every forum i've read) http://www.beesource.com/forums/showthread.php?307501-Extractor-less-honey-by-quot-Honey-Flow-quot&highlight=flow+hive seems a pretty respected member has been testing them for about a year..
  2. what part of ohio? (i'm in the northeast - lake county) i've purchased fish from a few different ohio fish farms.. planning on spring stocking yellow perch.. in my big system i had tilapia, yellow perch and bluegill at the same time, the tilapia breeding did provide some free meals for the yp, and marmokrebs were a big hit with them as well..
  3. marms are restricted in some states... (not ohio) you'll get a lot of uneaten waste from rabbit food, and mulm buildup..i've used the crumble and frozen peas for some time.. i've grown them large enough to eat (nothing like redclaw) but for me, they make a better fish food supplement than for feeding me
  4. yeah.. tilapia have a crazy kinda ybone.. it's easier to see when they get bigger,,, in commercial settings, they just remove that whole thing and don't try to go past the ribs near the head
  5. i might have missed it, but what kind of fish? i averaged about 35% for the year (100lbs of fish, and 35lbs of fillets) i had a mix of yellow perch and tilapia... my bluegill were the slowest growers, and none of them made it to a pound.. better genetics have proven you can grow big bluegill, but finding good stock can be ... difficult
  6. i've bought yellow perch from fin farm near toledo, not sure if they have vhs testing though..i think there are are a couple places near detroit as well.. right now i only have fathead minnows and crayfish in my 8' tank (and maybe a few glass shrimp), and will probably stock with yellow perch in the spring... i usually start with 3"-4" fish (i haven't seen any smaller than that for sale) i also just found that a fish delivery comes into the county next to the one i live in, every spring, i might try them, but my plans are still up in the air edit; i went back and looked at some of my
  7. i'm planning on setting up a filter and getting my media from them.. but probably won't be able to start for a while yet
  8. great news Gary... all the best to you and yours
  9. final harvest (at least for this year), there were 2 tilapia, 3 sunfish, and 14 yellow perch, i have a big start on filling the pool with rosy reds and marmokrebs, baby minnows and baby crayfish in all my glass tanks, as soon as they get a little bigger and after i fix my drain they'll go into the pool.. fodder for whatever fish i get next
  10. keith_r

    2014 harvest

    basement system fall 2014
  11. you could do one season of trout, just buy advanced fingerlings, but once the water warms up above mid 70's the trout won't do very well.. i'd suggest yellow perch that you can do year round.. or go two seasons, one season tilapia (summer) and one season trout (winter) - but for that, you do need to start with fish that are a little bigger
  12. bringing back the smoked fish memories for sure.. one of my childhood friend's father smoked carp, the other fish he smoked that suprised me was drum, or as the locals call them sheephead, another fish often considered a trash fish, but very tasty when cooked properly i think it's all in the name - chilean sea bass is really Patagonian Toothfish, the slimehead is Orange Roughy, rockfish are sold as pacific red snapper.. i could go on! i think minnesota is pushing to rename the asian carp
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