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    I am from NW Missouri USA. I have a background in Computers and am interested in green energy / technology. This winter I am planning on building a solar panel or two.

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  1. I have been keeping my eye out for extra fish tanks that I can pick up but at this time I do not have any. At some point I will make an indoor Aquaponics system in basement then I can have a very large tank there as well.
  2. Is fighting fish a sign of it being about breeding time? more info about fish. I have 11 tilapia wintering inside my house in a 55 gal fish aquarium. The fish are between 4’’ and 6’’ in length. They came inside about October as it started to get to cold for them outside. The (I think males) have started to fight each other. Both open there mouth and touch them then swim at each other to see who is the stronger for a second or two then stop. A few other smaller fish 4’’ or 5’’ ones mostly seem to chill out away from the fighting males (think those are the female ones). The room where I keep them is about a constent 76ish degrees so the water is always near that temp. the ph is near 6.4, Ammonia is about .25 ( I have not checked Nitrite / Nitrate for a while so not sure on those numbers) every week or two I do 20 gal (of the 55 gal) water change. I have a 100 gal bio wheel filter, a power head that pulls the waste into the rocks for a 70+ gal tank, and a 100 gal canister filter. I am way overkill on filters but because my tank is overstocked with big fish I wanted to make sure their water is clean. Just killing time inside till April or so then the fish go back outside in their Aquaponics tank. I only have one inside fish tank so I can’t separate out a male and the females and most don’t seem big / fat enough to eat just to remove from the system. I am hoping they will make a few babies so that my outdoor tank will get more fish to make waste but is there anything else I can do to help them?
  3. did your system have much algae growing in it for the Pleco to eat or did he not have any algae and so he ate the other fish? well I put in to much Amonia Sulf again and so I added some water from my working outdoor aquaponic system to help the new tank out. Lets see if we cant kickstart this thing
  4. Well I got the system setup and put in some Ammonia Sulfate to get the tank to start to cycle. Because it is in part of the living house I thought I should make it look nice. We shall see if I need to remove stuff for the 4-10 fish I put in the tank. With main lights off and black light 24’’ bulb on the white Nile tilapia should glow purple.
  5. I was recently given a 55 gal aquarium, Fake plants, pumps, heaters, lights, air bubblers and a few other aquarium supplies. I want to breed my fish so that next year I can put a large batch of fingerlings into my system. I am planning on having the fish tank in a part of the house so that I can watch and enjoy the fish so I am planning on putting in the fake plants and big rocks ect to make it look like a nice natural fish tank. My question is will the Tilapia try to eat my fake plants if so should I not put them in or put in real ones that they may eat? Also I am thinking of putting in a Plecostomus to make the tank look cleaner. Or do you think he will try to eat my small fry? Thanks,
  6. Hum I think I may pick up a small gas generator and another ups or 2. If I could get 10 hours or so of power out of a ups. I could then plug them into the generator to let them recharge. Then it would also allow the generators a cool down time as well. That being said this winter I am looking at starting a new hobby of building a solar panel or two. Then play with grid tied island inverters so I may just tie them into fish tank as well if power goes splat.
  7. Well we had a strong storm roll through my area and my power got cut for > 24 hours. Late last night they finally got it back up and running. This morning I went out to check the fish and so far 24 / 52 of the tilapia are dead and floating at the top. The water is cloudy enough I can’t see the bottom of the tank so I don’t know if any are alive and swimming at the bottom or not. I am also not sure if I really had 52 last night. The bigger ones could of eaten a smaller or a small one could of died and rotted on bottom when they where fingerling size. Over the next few days I am sure a few more will float up. I put a UPS on the fish tank but sadly it must have been too late or the ups died long before power came back. UPS was on my pc so when power went out I turned pc off but not sure how much of a charge my ups had left on it. Looking up info about my pump it uses about 5wats of power an hour or so. My pc is 1000 so it should run a pump for a long time. If the ups will truly run my pc for 10-15min before it dies. What do the rest of you do in case of power outages? I am getting too late in season to order my fingerlings and have them eatable by winter. I may have a line on a 55 gal indoor fish tank that I can use to winter a few of the fish inside.
  8. ok I click on my system at top --> click create and nothing happens. Using IE9 with Java patched to current. I also checked and I did launch the 32bit window not the 64.
  9. Grats on the new building. BTW the 52 fish are still all alive and well and getting fed 3 meals a day.
  10. I am tracking this in an excel page as well. You may want Time tested, water temp, outside temp, fish notes (as in any deaths or births or other fish related notes), Plant notes ( took out 15 of x 10 of y and z plant is taking off), msc notes. It would also be nice if you could plug in multi notes per day. IE if i wanted to check water at 8am, 12pm and 9pm at night time. As well as make charts ect. If you are going to use a backend database to build this would be handy to house username, and system name so that we could track multi personal systems at a time without having to make one username per. If you do that then it would be handy to have total water volume’s, total sq foot (or metric) of a grow bed, total sq foot (or metric) of raft / NFT. Of each system so that you can compare user x to user y based on sq feet / water amounts. Would be handy to also let users here put in measurements in Standard or metric (would need a drop down next to what they type to pick unit of measure) and have webpage calc the other for display in reports IE 40 SQ feet / 3.716122 Square meters. I know it can be fun for much of the world to deal with the USA’s stupid Standard measurements when they use Metric. Spot so we can attach photos of systems could just be a link to photo hosted elsewhere to keep db small in size. If you are linking multi databases and making them dynamic so the user does not have to reenter a lot of their data. Then a what plants you have harvested would be nice so each day I could go to it and track that I picked 12 strawberries, 8 cucumbers and one pumpkin on 7-18-2011. As well as a fish database that you could add fish and starting weight or size and you could remove fish and put an ending size and weight as well if you killed them or if they died / how. From all that you could auto generate some very useful reports. Like correlations between outside temp and certain plant growth. Water temps and fish growth. What you are feeding and what Ammonia / Nitrate levels. I could see a database for plants where you could add x plant to your list or pick from plants that you have provided. Not sure if you want users to make their own plants because you may get the FU fruit or the STFU berry. But if the database could house a list of what plants you have in your system then you could pick from dropdown the 10 plants or so you have planted and you don’t have to go through 10,000 plants that are in the master list. All and all I think that sounds very neat and I hope my above ramble is useful. Anyone else want to weigh in on this?
  11. I was looking at these a biodome. or a Geodesic Dome http://www.biodomerevolution.comThey seem to be recommending putting a large water reservoir inside it against the north wall for passive heat and then dirt beds inside but I think it would work well for Aquaponics as well. I did some searching on YouTube videos and found a few users that are building these and some talk about plans of how to build them. there is an aquponics user as well. http://www.youtube.com/user/web4deb#p/u/4/9rn6YtCC670 Even came across a Russian webpage that you can plug in the sq feet you want and it will calculate out the 2x4’s you need to cut. http://acidome.ru/lab/calc/#5/12_Cone_3V_R1_beams100x40 you will need to translate it with google at top. I am kind of in limbo as I wait for 1 house to sell and one that I can take down.
  12. Was going back to thinking about this what about if you used a deep pond or IBC something with a fishing net in the water suspended about 12’’ down or so you put a lot of air stones down at the bottom of the fish pond or deep box. You put the fish under the net and put Styrofoam on top of the water with your plants on it. You would not need to pump the water only pump in air into it so it would be like a deep water culture the net would prevent the fish from eating our plant roots unless they grow down to the 12’’ net or so. Only thing is not sure how long fish could live in their own waste so it would have to be more lightly stocked and you would have to drain out water preferably from the bottom so something like an ibc container would likely be best. If they where dirt farming as well they could hook up an irrigation pipe or make a small path for the water to flow along to their field. If they had a second ibc container that could be fresh water dump off 1/3 or ¼ of the water every week or so and dump back in the ¼ or so the field crops would also have a drink / extra nutrient.
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