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  1. Thanks again everyone for the welcome! GaryD, Thanks for the info, whenever I get fully moved into our new place, I'm going to start my setup with the RAS system you mentioned, until I can get the pea gravel from my uncle. And I probably paid more than I should have, but it wasn't outrageous. I didn't mind being that most everything was set up, so it was more of a convenience price, which is helpful while I'm learning. tksavoy, I'm assuming you mean that tilapia are illegal outside of the commercial setting. I did some research lately and found that tilapia can be raised commercially, however the regulations and loops you have to jump through seems like a huge hassle and investment. You basically have to make sure there is no way possible for tilapia to make their way into the native environment, can't be eaten by any predators, or even be stolen. It's pretty clear you cannot allow them to make their way into the native fish population, whatever reason that may be. craig1267, I live in southwest Louisiana, pretty close to the Lake Charles area. Cecil, Thanks for the info, and while it was not aimed towards me, thanks for the info about bluegills. I'll be starting with goldfish, being they're cheap, while I'm learning but I plan to move to some other fish in the future. I was considering tilapia but with the state regulations and laws it sounds like a headache unless I'm starting a huge business or such. I've thought about catfish, but bluegill may be an option as well. If you are interested in Louisiana tilapia regulations, here's what I found on it. http://www.lsuagcenter.com/NR/rdonlyres/1ED04A53-0958-4497-8CB5-EE9142713E71/2443/pub2705tilapia4.pdf http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/permit/6688-Tilapia%20Holder/tilapia_rules_and_regulations_ldwf.pdf
  2. Thanks GaryD for the warm welcome! Could you perhaps point me in the right direction to get some help with my setup, either a subforum or a link to an article? Oh, and here are some pictures of what I have for my setup:
  3. Here's my setup I just picked up at a garage sale by luck!
  4. Hello from Southwest Louisiana! I've been an inactive member of this site for a few years now, that's about how long I've been looking into aquaponics. I've recently stumbled upon a starter system at a garage sale right down the road from where I live, talk about dumb luck! My family and I are about to move to where I can actually set up the system. To be honest, I'm pretty clueless on where to start next and will take any advice given! Here's my set up I just bought: 2 - Half Barrel Grow Beds (Just one 55 gal Blue Barrel Split) 2 - 30 gal Fiberglass Fountain (He said it was 60 gals total, but I can connect the 2 with pvc in the top side) 1 - Biofilter (Bottom Half Barrel; PVC pipe, sits in barrel/not fixed, that tees at bottom for swirl effect and with Y at top to allow air in water flow; pvc pipe in top side for flow to barrels; pvc pipe in opposite top side for overflow; pvc pipe in bottom side with 1/4 turn ball valve; laundry bag with sponges for filter that sits inside barrel) 1- Extra 55 gal Blue Barrel (In case I decide to make more grow beds, or just use it for rainwater collection, any ideas appreciated!) He also gave me a old pump for free but I will most likely replace it. I will post pictures later after I unload my setup at the new house. So basically all I need is a new pump, a bell siphon, some growing medium (I plan to use pea gravel, have an uncle who I can get it from), and some fish (the guy I bought the system from had a set up with cheap goldfish, so I plan on doing that while i'm learning) I live in southwest Louisiana, so it stays pretty hot all summer. I'll have plenty of shade for the fish, and even can set it up on my porch if needed. If I need anything else, or if anyone has some suggestions for me, I appreciate any help! And to be honest, I'm on a tight budget so I'm okay with repurposing too. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm TMonk87. I'm just getting to know about aquaponics, and hoping to learn much, much more and start my own aquaponics system in the near future!
  6. Here's what I just picked up by luck at a garage sale.
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