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  1. Any info available as to how they're going to grow the oysters and clean the waste salt water? Are they doing a recirc or run to waste system like the barra?
  2. Had to visit the local Bunnings today so thought I'd check out the tanks up close. Definitely not for potable water, possibly due to the recycled plastic used in the manufacture. I've attached some pics I took, the warning sticker, the manufacturer and the recyling mark. I can't decifer the reycling codes, can anyone help out here?
  3. These bunnings tubs are cheap enough to think about coating them with waterproofing to stop any chemical leaching. What were the ways they used to seal up old rain water tanks??? Tar paint or similar? Anyone want to run an experiment on these?
  4. Would it be possible to only close off those who haven't logged in for 12 months, not those who haven't posted in that time. I know that I haven't posted much on here even though I've been a member for a long time. I'm guessing there would be members out there who enjoy the read but don't get involved in the discussions. My 2.43 cents.
  5. Hello again, Has anyone imported any Jade Perch into NSW and can let me know what hoops are required to be jumped through to cut through any red tape? Alternatively, are there any NSW suppliers and if so, does this cut down on the red tape? Thanks in advance. Gordon.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if it's worth compiling a summary of fish species and suppliers and their contact details, ie silvers, jades, sleepy cod, barra etc... Can anyone help with this. Cheers, Gordon.
  7. Hi all, Was looking around the wed last night and came across a place called Barramundi Blue up near Townsville. It sounds like they're using aquaponics on a commercial scale very successfully. There wasn't much info on their setup but it sounded like they were growing their plants in horizontal tubes filled with gravel and no other filters? Does anyone know anymore about the set-up and what other equipment they're using? I've seen a lot about not being able to use this simple set-up on a large scale, maybe they've hit on the right balance or something? I'd love to be able to have a look at other people's set-ups but unfortunately live a bit too far away in Newcastle. I've been out to see Tailor Made Fish Farm and was impressed by the size of it all. Anyone know of any other farms close by? Curious... G.
  8. Hi all. Firstly, thanks for the great info on this forum, learning a lot. Thought I might start a thread on people's experience with how fast their fish grow. No specific species, lets see how many different ones we can cover. I'm currently setting up a system with bath tubs in a greenhouse in my back yard so will post pics of that when it's up and running. Keep growing. Gordon.
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