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    Nitrate Reduction

    This instruction video isn't correct. The fishfood should cover the needs of the fish as accurate as possible. Shifting to a lower protein diet (sub-optimal) is going to result in more waste, lower food utilization % (higher FCR), and maybe even compromised fish health, thus this makes no sense to me. IMO better would be lower total feed load, less fish or more plants and/ or secondary nitrate removal. Water replace, dnf etc.. Btw if you stop feeding the organic waste in your system will still be broken down slowly, further bacteria mass will go down too, again with the release of nitrate, thus there can be a long delay in reduction of nitrate production after reducing input.
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    Hello all, I've recently moved and am looking to re-use equipment from my reef tank for aquaponics. I've thoroughly cleaned the equipment I'm planning to re-use with vinegar / bleach / muriatic acid as required and left outside after rinsing for a couple months to make sure there aren't any remnants from the saltwater setup. I'm curious if I could replace the solid waste export portion of my aquaponic system. I've got a skimmer that's rated for 525GPH flow and is able to drain waste externally (hopefully so I don't have to collect sludge). It is a Skimz Monster SM202 external protein skimmer. This is my first aquaponic tank so if I'm missing something obvious please let me know. I'm in the early planning stages of my build and trying to pull together a bill of materials. Thank you
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    Advice on setting up a new system.

    HI mrPickles, I read you about jumping in. I think bigger systems are probably more forgiving but there is more cost at risk if something does go wrong, so you need to know what you are doing to effectively manage it. I think if you can build and run a small set up, it is possibly a steeper more intense learning curve but that prepares you for bigger and better things in the future. If you built outside, you could position the system close and handy to your house and maybe build a small greenhouse and put your system in that. Or if you do it indoors you already have that, but an indoors system may require lighting? so that will add another complexity to get tour head around. It is still achievable though. Both ways have their pros and cons. The duck coop sounds good too. Plenty of ideas to make a decision, let's know what you decide and how you get on. Cheers.
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    hello everyone

    Hi RWF, Welcome to APN Enjoy. Cheers
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    Hi RWF I think you have to post some pics taken out of the aquarium , showing the cray in sharp details, for anyone to be able to help you. This https://f.nordiskemedier.dk/2gt07amola9p2rca.pdf might be of help ? cheers
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    hello everyone

    Hi RWF Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
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    The transition from IAVS to IAS

    Hi again VKN I'w been reading thru your Facebook page trying to figure out what's happening on your front regarding IAVS developments. Aside from the name change from IAVS to IAS what's new ? cut/paste from facebook Quote : Aquaponics Futurist 23. april · IAS = Future of Food! Integrated Aquaponics Systems is the most productive, resilient and sustainable food production system yet devised! Instead of the acronym "IAS", what else we could call it? Eco-integrated Agriculture (Managed) Ecosystem Agriculture Aqua-integrated Horticulture Aqua-Hort Integrated Horticulture Integrated Aquaculture Unified Nutrition Provisioning BioLOGIC Agrology Biotecture Ecotecture Hortitecture Holistic Horticulture Holistic Agrology Holistic gardening Holistic hunger management Holistic hunger mitigation Whole Earth Gardening Whole Earth Provisioning Whole World Sufficiency Whole World Provisioning Multitrophic Gardening Multitrophic Husbandry You are welcome to join these food movements.. #growyourownfood #buylocal #knowyourfarmer #sustainableliving Get educated on the art of growing food. The global online crash course on Integrated Aquaponics Systems (IAS) is scheduled on Sundays, 10-11 AM. The COVID discount offer of over 60% ends after this Sunday, April, 26, 2020. Please pass it on to your tribe. Appreciate it. Quote end. I can see you are running online training classes on IAS 👍 And understand from your Flatland pic.above that you have adopted Wageningen University research on the Food System Vision 2050 'Re-rooting the Dutch food system: from more to better' https://www.wur.nl/upload_mm/3/3/3/38a7c8a7-4b51-477b-95da-1b15b8df96f8_3 Article vision 2050.pdf cheers
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    The transition from IAVS to IAS

    Hi VKN Greetings to you as well. I would like to hear/see your developments cheers
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    Bigdaddy's iAVs

    Hi everyone, I have started my iVAs with on a completely blank canvas. I thought I'd post my journey in some sort of chronicle order and maybe give some ideas for those who may be thinking about a system and/or for those who already have systems. I feel good planning is the key to building. I have spent many hours thinking sketching measuring and using whatever else I have at my disposal. My aim is to build and run the most efficient, productive system I can, making the beat use use of the space I have. I have several challenges. Below is a list which is not conclusive. I can break down these items to further explain but will not for now. Cost Looks Very small backyard Suburban living Weather Maintenance Time My backyard measures 4.8 metres by 5.0 metres Here are some pics from the the start. The original side with my beloved citrus trees with the left side 2 sitting on the slab where my air conditioner originally was. My new pergola. The original rainwater tank New slimline rainwater tank and system ready to be re plumbed and reinstalled. Air conditioner and rainwater tank installed around the side out of the way where noise and size will be minimized. My original line of thinking about a small iAVs system. Another view of my original backyard, this time to the back fence with the back garden removed. A more current view of pic 1, backyard opened up with all the screening up and roof addition to pergola. More to come. Cheers.
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    Bigdaddy's iAVs

    Hi everyone, Some more pics of my new backyard setup. All grass and dirt up and out, road base in, reo mesh and storm water set up ready for concreting. Concrete down, channel drains down, vibrator in ready to compact the base. 600 x 600 x 30 granite pavers going down. A snapshot of how my back and side corner will look with the fake grass down. I can put my fish tank and grow bed here with a nice drain built in to the set up if I wish. Chanel drains up and out and granite going all the way to the back fence, a much better look. Cheers.
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    Hello from Ithaca

    Thanks! I was experiencing an ammonia spike, which was because I was way overfeeding my fish. Stupid mistake - I misunderstood how much they needed, and I was confused because it took a while for the overfeeding to result in the spike, so it coincided with the installation of my aquaponic media bed. Now it's going great! I've been harvesting basil and lettuce from my grow bed regularly, the water is clean, and my fish are healthy.
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    Food Colouring

    Interesting article. Cheers.
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    Hi everyone, Just got my first bill since installing the battery and signing up to a VPP plan...Very pleasantly surprised... I got a credit of 370 dollars plus for a 38 day billing cycle which includes a 150 dollar welcome credit because I'm in the RAA and 25 days of a $5.00 per day payback because of the VPP. This credit will definitely help with the expected increased power bills over winter. The litnus test in the winter months is still to come. So far so good. Cheers.
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    Post Order

    Hi, When I go to a thread, the first post that I encounter is the oldest one. How do I reverse the order to view the most recent post at the top?
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    Sizing Biofilter and Growbeds

    Hello All, We have a concrete tank which has been cured and a first harvest was done. The fish (just Tilapia and Nutter) did not put on any weight and growth. That was because the aeration was very poor and the water quality was very bad. This was designed by another person who had not much clue what he was doing. Here are some facts Tank volume: 15,500liters filled volume: 12,800liters Number of fish to add is 700 all would be harvested at 300gm 4 Growbeds from 2 IBC tanks Latter after the harvest i added 3,000 liter swirl filter 1000 liter sump tank, 250liter mineralization tank 250liter Biofilter with 20L K1 Media. Could somebody please advise me the calculation to size the Biofilter and the Growbeds. Currently i have about 715 fingerlings of avg weight 8gm feeding 1mm pellet feed.
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    What is Microponics?

    Microponics is the name that I've chosen for my Integrated Backyard Food Production concept. It's derived from the words micro-farming, micro-livestock and aquaponics.....and it's much less of a mouthful than integrated backyard food production. The cornerstone of a microponics unit is a recirculating aquaponics system - simply because the one thing that most organisms have in common with each other is their need for water.....and because an aquaponics system is an eco-system (which is good). Microponics differs from aquaponics in two respects: Where aquaponics is the combination of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics, microponics advocates the use of water from an aquaponics system with virtually any plant growing system.....including square foot gardens, sheet mulch gardens and the raised beds popularised by ABC Gardening's Peter Cundall. In fact, the irrigation of plants of any kind with water from an aquaponics system leverages the efficiency of the gardening system.....particularly if the replacement water comes from a rainwater tank. Microponics is the integration of fish, plants and micro-livestock. If we accept that aquaponics is a simple eco-system (and it is) and that bio-diversity is a good thing (and it is), then microponics makes for a stronger eco-system......and it puts even greater quantities of clean fresh food on the table. Microponics is not at odds with aquaponics. Microponics is aquaponics....and more. You can read more about microponics.....and other things.....on my blog at www.microponics.net.au.
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