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  1. GaryD


    Every bit of effort that you make to learn about iAVs-suitable sand, willl be a good use of your time. So, flush the death adders out of your pocket and get into the good stuff. Washed and graded filter sand is a good investment. Unlike almost everything else we own, sand is a true asset...one that grows in value over time.
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  2. GaryD

    Working Dogs

    Working dogs are standard fixtures on every farm in Australia. Kelpies and border collies work with sheep...and the Australian blue heeler are the automatic choice for many who work with cattle. My micro-farm is tiny (just under a quarter of an acre) so I have a working dog to match. Meet Darci...my four-year old Maltese Terrier. She's our guardian dog...and the photo shows her keeping guard from the vantage point of my bed. If allowed, she would keep our place completely free of birds (for whom she has contempt) and she barks to alert us to the presence of people (whether
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