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    The transition from IAVS to IAS

    Hi again VKN I'w been reading thru your Facebook page trying to figure out what's happening on your front regarding IAVS developments. Aside from the name change from IAVS to IAS what's new ? cut/paste from facebook Quote : Aquaponics Futurist 23. april · IAS = Future of Food! Integrated Aquaponics Systems is the most productive, resilient and sustainable food production system yet devised! Instead of the acronym "IAS", what else we could call it? Eco-integrated Agriculture (Managed) Ecosystem Agriculture Aqua-integrated Horticulture Aqua-Hort Integrated Horticulture Integrated Aquaculture Unified Nutrition Provisioning BioLOGIC Agrology Biotecture Ecotecture Hortitecture Holistic Horticulture Holistic Agrology Holistic gardening Holistic hunger management Holistic hunger mitigation Whole Earth Gardening Whole Earth Provisioning Whole World Sufficiency Whole World Provisioning Multitrophic Gardening Multitrophic Husbandry You are welcome to join these food movements.. #growyourownfood #buylocal #knowyourfarmer #sustainableliving Get educated on the art of growing food. The global online crash course on Integrated Aquaponics Systems (IAS) is scheduled on Sundays, 10-11 AM. The COVID discount offer of over 60% ends after this Sunday, April, 26, 2020. Please pass it on to your tribe. Appreciate it. Quote end. I can see you are running online training classes on IAS 👍 And understand from your Flatland pic.above that you have adopted Wageningen University research on the Food System Vision 2050 'Re-rooting the Dutch food system: from more to better' https://www.wur.nl/upload_mm/3/3/3/38a7c8a7-4b51-477b-95da-1b15b8df96f8_3 Article vision 2050.pdf cheers
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