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    Hello all, after we had collected with our 1st backyard system (and also many info from members here and other forums) all oops, mistakes, do's and don't dos, I spent these 2 1/2 month off-time to overhaul and change the entire system as already pre-announced. The test system is completed today with the last task, a so by my wife called 'baby station' 1. The continuously overheating pipes which should simulate for my wife to learn the idea of deep-water grow beds, have been exchanged to some bada** backyard deep water grow beds and two ebb flood gravel beds. Have mercy with the height on frames. In my commercial system I will move a lot of dirt to reach the desired levels but in our backyard is this not make-able without pushing the wall into neighbor's garden. 2. the Filters have a bigger size and a sump tank was added. The pump has all capacity from 12000 L (actual size) to 48000 L adjustable by remote control. Also we have inserted 2 stainless steel filter buckets 500 micron that catches almost every dust and poop particle. The poop is pure Gold and our entire Village is just turning into a jungle. We give every week an around 5 Kg bag to our neighbors and all confirm that the cray and tilapia poop mix is the best all-round fertilizer they ever had hands on. 3. Six Breeding stock buckets 400 L, four 800 L grow out Tanks, eight containers as baby station and off cause our two grow beds each 5000 ltr is now considered as a home for our red claw crayfish stock (about 2500 ea) plus three ibc cubes each 1000 ltr for our tilapia provide the fertilizer. The 'expoxy liner' over smart boards approved as most useful, very strong and durable. After completion of each layer I was flying 50cm above the ground and we decided later to give this job in some local hands. The 'baby station' 8 containers, simple and efficient. Thumb up from my wife. 6 breeding stock tanks (5-8 females and one male) and the grow out tanks below. A (not suitable for Offshore working) Davit Crane helps my wife every morning to change the filter buckets. And there is no better place for me and my wife sitting on the bench and listening the sounds of splashing water, slurping Bell siphons and watching the crayfishes searching for food. Rafts, funny feeder funnel and the first vitamins on the grow. A backyard packed with ideas. Btw, we got heaps of offers for floating rafts worldwide with prizes that went through the roof. Then we found a supplier just 120 Km away who offered us 50 holes and 15 holes rafts for 120 Thai baht a go which is equal to 2.50 EUR a piece. Hard foam plates with pre-drilled holes and air pockets underneath = money well spent. Job is calling, in two days I have to go offshore again leaving back a happy and proud wife and a new improved system. The water test results, the growth of the first veggies and the boosted hunger of the Tilapia and Crayfish have already proven that my little wife and I are on the right path. 2 weeks ago we bought some crayfish food that was lowest quality and started floating after 1-2 hrs with the result, that ugly slime was covering the roots and root rot started. As experienced before didn't the crayfish take long and took over their duty. They clipped the bad roots out and boosted the growth of new white roots. A stunted growth could not be observed as the mud-bugs had their job well under control and gave us a lot of optimism that red claw crayfish do very well under the floating rafts. Our expectations that the Crays will going berserk on the Veggies turned the opposite and they approved that they are well educated gardeners with love for any decaying matter in roots and plants. The trap housings working best and only thing is how to feed them as at the moment. We equipped some raft holes with funnels which is ok for here but sure impossible in the commercial size grow beds we are planning for our commercial system, but that is future music for now. As I said, offshore is calling again... Cheers Will
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