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    health and diet changes

    So in my absence from here , I have been researching like a madman hydrogen water and ketogenic diet. A little back story, my wife has severe autoimmune diseases mainly rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Her feet used to look like balloons. When I saw the post about ERW water I went on a tangent reading research articles. I discovered it was the antioxidant effect of hydrogen gas and it acting as a cell mediator that appeared to be the causative agent. The machine to make the hydrogen water is very expensive. I came across some ideas of making it with a magnesium rod. So I ordered magnesium rods and after sterilizing them. I took a soda bottle and adding malic acid and filled it up with water. We had started the ketogenic diet, kind of haphazardly as we had done other carb restriction diets before. When we added the hydrogen water, we saw increased weight loss. I was prediabetic, but my sugar levels dropped to normal levels without medication. with the combo of the hydrogen water and keto diet we both loss about 30 lbs. Best of all the pain levels that my wife had dropped significanlty. I was having to push her around in a wheel chair and was resigned that I was going to have to have a ramp or lift installed. Her feet are now normal sized and she is wearing shoes she could not fit in for years. The most wonderful thing is we went on a mile hike last month. This was not something we could even conceive of as being a realistic possibility until we combined hydrogen water with Keto. dieting. If your experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes type 2, arthritis, or other autoimmune disorder. I would encourage you to look into this. I only regret we didn't do this years ago.
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    so in may, i had my air pumps come unplugged and i lost all the catfish and bluegill i had left... which was around 600 lbs of fish.. you know.. over a quarter ton of fish growing in a suburban back yard ,, about 70 catfish from 4-7lbs and 300ish bluegill and red eared sunfish averaging 1 lb (.75-1.3 lbs) so 600 lbs is honestly a conservative estimate, I am not gonna dig up my raw pictures to repost but if you scroll through this multipost instagram post you can see all the death and destruction and the mound i built to hot compost the fish I think forums in general are maybe not the prefered method of knowledge transfer by the mass population anymore.. which is disappointing because facebook and instagram and youtube arent collaborative in nature and they are very difficult to browse through history of an author.. and follow a person's build for 6 years or more like i have done on backyard aquaponics and apn and are crucial to my learning and how i got to where i am today in aquaponics.. for now i dont plan to to keep this thread updated but i am posting semi regularly on that instagram pictures of my build.. if someone sees something they want to talk about we can still talk about it here. I have abandoned backyard aquaponics forum .. noone reads anything anymore, its just nonsense and its like reading aquaponics forum that perpetually stuck in aquaponics 101 because anyone with the maturity to read whole build thread or use the search function have left that place for dead like i have. I have for a long time planned to start posting content as a youtube creator.. It was never meant to be future career or second income , just a way to share what i have learned and what i have built in a more visual and personalized setting.. i am still planning to do this even though i feel that youtube content creation has passed as a fad as well, but i still find it really easy to convey ideas to people i am talking with in real life by pasting a video.. so it still has value to me for instance, last summer i made this unlisted walkaround video of my fish system for optimal fish food (my fish food supplier) because they asked for pictures, and since i have pasted t to a dozen people i know (irl) because they were asking about my system. I plan for my youtube content to be more instructional and focus mostly on "how much food can someone grow in a suburban backyard". I am still learning. i had a setback on my aquaculture but i feel like i have a lot i can share in that space and now i am really focusing more on growing the vegetable and sharing what i am learning in that side of my aquaponics journey and i am working on some additional projects. Some of it is in the home automation, sensor, monitoring and automated response space catered to gardening. All of which i currently plan to open source (if it works and has value to people). And i have another project that is somewhat related but i am not ready to announce any details about it at this time. anyway, consider that my state of the union speech. I am not dead, i am still working on my dream when i have time.. and we can still talk about here but i am not gonna try to instigate conversations with pictures and updates anymore.. so if you wanna know whats going on, just ask.. peace. brian aquaponic cowboy
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    health and diet changes

    I would think it would be more correctly called hydrogenated water. I found where someone was putting a magnesium rod in a testube and allowing the gas to bubble in the water to get pressurized hydrogen gas. After doing to experiments and purchasing a titration kit that test dissolved hydrogen gas in water I found I could just add a magnesium rod to a empty soda bottle( I use a diet mountain dew bottle) and add malic acid 1/2 teaspoon to 500 ml/ 16.9 oz of water. After it bubbles for a few minutes, I shake the powder till duly dissolved and put it in the fridge for a few hours. When I open a bottle it runs around 500 ppm dissolved hydrogen. I try to drink this down quickly to get the bubbles int he body.
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    Help with new IAVs system in Vietnam

    Hi Tam, Good work keeping records, they are key to good success when you understand them well. Take time to study, understand, compare seasons, success and failures of your records. I note you have NH4 record as well as NO2/3. Due to the very low readings in your results, and the short time period from setup, suggests to me that your total "N" cycle is very shallow, very low... meaning the bacteria culture is very small and not very strong. The cycle values that I indicated above, are perhaps higher than what is actually required to establish healthy strong bacteria. Below is a quick google image of what I mean. Take your records and make a similar chart and compare them... Do you see the difference ? Can you see what I refer to as being a "very shallow cycle" from your records ? I note you make reference to "Tank 1", "Tank 2" and "Tank 3". Are these 3 tanks joined together to the same grow bed/s ? ... OR Are they 3 separated tanks each with their own separated grow beds ? The answer to the above is important to many questions about future management... but it is also unimportant to my next point of note: Disease Mitigation - (This is why adding salt is good - search this forum) Toxic water, No/low/unhealthy bacteria, burnt/sick/dying fish, very high water temps... All of these dramatically increase a) Disease Potential, b) Disease Verility and c) Disease Transmission Maintaining farm hygiene is paramount. - Sterilize your nets (soak in very strong salt water works OK) **EDIT** Followed by drying in the sun - Wash hands and arms when working in different tanks - Do not transfer anything between the tanks or grow beds - Remove and dispose of mortalities immediately and regularly One last comment for this response - I note your pH has risen since you started. a) What is the pH of your source water before you add it to your fish tanks ? b) Where is this source water from ? (ie: A dam, river, well, bore, city tap water, collected rain water) c) Do you store your water before use ? and if so - What is the material of the container ? (ie: plastic, concrete, earth dam, rubber liner) c) Did you pH test your sand before purchase/use ? Cheers Toga
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    You don't do anything by halves do you, Brian. I've had fish kills before but nothing as painful as you've suffered. Discussion forums have declined...certainly all of the aquaponics ones...and the proclivities of Facebook users are probably to blame. There is nothing about Facebook that is better than the discussion forum...except perhaps the 24/7 availability of users...and I'm far from certain that's actually an advantage. The truth is that many of those that you encounter on Facebook are people that you would rather never deal with. There is no regard for facts or evidence. You can watch page after page of absolute garbage get trotted out and the person who asked the question is left none the wiser. Facebook sites are a pig to retrieve information from...the Search capabilities being close to useless. Contrary to the trend, I opened up another forum...www.havemoreforless.com...but, while I've put a lot of work into it, I'm uncertain about what to do with it. One thing I do know is that I'm not interested in replicating what I did here at APN. I had thought of a private club sort of space...where I host discussions for a handful of friends and collaborators...but it's still unresolved. The question of how to deal with content is a difficult one...and I can empathise with your dilemma about what to do with your stories. Regardless of what happens, I wish you better luck than you experienced this week.
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    health and diet changes

    Ain't it just amazing what modern doctors can't/won't tell us about some of the holistic remedies. I don't know anything, yet, about ERW water, but I have spent quite a bit of time researching colloidal silver, oregano oil, and cannabis oils and tinctures to name a few. Doctors aren't very interested in suggesting something "home-brewed". Glad you found something that helps.
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    iAVS Questions

    Hello fellows. It's been a few years since I've posted on this site, but I am now possibly in a position to build and install an AP system at my current workplace. We operate a moderately sized indoor greenhouse (concrete slab floor). There are so many options out there in terms of systems and components, but I've been looking into AP for many years, and have read these forums many times. The consensus these days seems to be iAVS as the go-to system for ease of design and operation. I can totally get down with that. We want something that is not too large, but can be potentially expanded upon in the future. At first, we will probably be using non-food fish such as goldfish just to test it out and get a feel for regular maintenance and operation. I'm sure I will have more questions over time, but for the moment, here are the two that have been top of mind: 1. Since iAVS uses a sand bed as a biofilter, do folks using this type of system, (ideally if you're using it indoors,) find that there is much odor from the decomposing fish waste? 2. Do people use worms in their sand beds to help break down the fish waste? What are your thoughts about having worms in the sand bed? 3. Can the design of the system be modified to incorporate other modules such as NFT troughs, DWC rafts, (non-sand) media beds? I would assume that any of these would be placed after the sand bed for the purpose of filtration. If one or more of these modules were part of the overall design, would that necessitate a sump tank? Thanks in advance!
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    Food Colouring

    Interesting article. Cheers.
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