I'm going to exclusively hatch fish indoors

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starting next year. Need to do some serious catch up work in my fish taxidermy business first. Been spending too much time with the live fish! 

I see many advantages:

1. More control in success rate and numbers. And although I don't need high numbers for my niche market I do find the hits and misses of fertilizing a pond and depending on the weather getting old. 

2. Less labor. The seining of the ponds to remove fish can be a pain in the ass and is not 100 percent successful. Some species like tilaipa are very good at evading nets. 

3. No dealing with unwanted macrophyte growth as in the ponds that makes seining difficult. Also no chemicals need to be purchased or used. 

4. Can use the ponds has holding ponds for broodfish swimming free or in floating cages. Separate sexes. I.e. male crappies with male bluegills with make yellow perch in one pond. Females of all species in another pond. Broodfish can be removed via hook and line as not many are needed. 



1. Will need to produce a live source of feed for fry before feed training for a few of the species I culture. 

2. More tanks etc.need and some intensive labor initially vs. letting fry fend on their own in the outdoor ponds feeding on naturally produced food. 

3. Some species may be difficult to spawn in a tank. OTOH it can definitely be done. There will be a learning curve although I plan on using all resources I can to learn from other's mistakes. 



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