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6 hours ago, jaroq52182 said:

Question: How many milkfish should I put on a 1000L Aquaponics System?

For a Tilapia, how many should I put on a 1000L Aquaponics System?

Q1. Milkfish is a saltwater or brachishwater specie and as such normaly not suitable in a AP system 



Q2. There is no fixed number of fish you can/should put in a 1000 litre system, as it's not the volume alone that limits the number of fish you can put in, but rather the design of the system, such as filteration, aeration etc. 

There are some good guide lines to be found on the forum if you use the search function like this answer from Kellen

If you want more specific answers you have to lay out all details on your spesific system, including the system environement temperatur, water








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