Looking for IAVS Sand Source In Sacramento Region

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I have finished building my first experimental version using best sand i could find in my region which special ordered water filtration silica sand grated to custom sieves based on research. It was not cheap so i order 5 yards of it since cost of getting what i needed has not much price difference because it cost mostly to transport. So i had them max the transport capacity. My system has been running since june. I order 100 silver carp from nearest vendor. Half survived, half died due to stress heat and elevation changes during transport. So the vendor attempted to compensate with channel catfish but all died during transportation except 1 because 2 inch catfish have barbs and poked holes so water leaked out. So last attepmt was to send me baby channel catfish which about 1/3rd survived until now. I have little giant pump running on interval and a medo sewer air pump providing oxygen to the tanks. I have large system with two grow beds and small one. Growth is not doing good because i dont have enough fish and need to do some tuning with water loss at the grow bed slit where water is drained. Over all i feel its success for first time. Although i have nit had time to focus on it. I have some winter plants in there and hope to add more later. I have plans to tune it in spring to get optimal output. I will oost pictures bit later ;)

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