Texas state legislature bill to forbid local municipalities from outlawing chickens

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I live in one of the few suburbs of dallas that does not allow chickens (even dallas proper allows a couple of chickens)


 Sec. 251.007.  SIX CHICKENS ALLOWED. (a)  Notwithstanding
  any other law and except as provided by Subsection (b), a political
  subdivision may not impose a governmental requirement that
  prohibits an individual from raising or keeping six or fewer
  chickens in the boundaries of the political subdivision.
         (b)  A municipality may impose reasonable governmental
  requirements on the raising or keeping of poultry in the boundaries
  of the municipality that do not have the effect of prohibiting the
  raising or keeping of six or fewer chickens, including:
               (1)  a limit on the number of chickens an individual may
  raise or keep in excess of six;
               (2)  a prohibition on breeding poultry;
               (3)  a prohibition on raising or keeping roosters; or
               (4)  the minimum distance an individual must maintain
  between a chicken coop and a residential structure.
         (c)  A governmental requirement adopted by a political
  subdivision that violates Subsection (a) is void.

The bill passed the state senate 30-0 and is now going to the house... unfortunately.. i there is a big backlog of bills in the state house of representatives because they want the senate to pass a completely unrelated bill in a specific form (the senate has their own version) and until the senate capitulates the house probably wont be voting on anything the senate gives them.

regardless,  i am encouraged. its better news than no bills existing..





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