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Aquaponic system ph level and nutrients

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Hello everyone, 

I want to make an aquaponic growing system at home to grow various kinds of vegetables and am wondering the following: 

  • Since different plants have different ph and nutrient needs, how would they grow with one source (the pond would have some mid-point ph level around 6 and nutrient for the plants)?
  • Some plants require higher levels of certain nutrients, is it possible to plan how much the plant is going to "eat"? In terms of nutrient and overall water?
  • Can one plan to have separate ponds in the system to allow different nutrient mixes?


I hope my questions are clear enough. Anyways, thank you very much in advance for your help and time!

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Hi kr3t3n

You should look in to "dual loop" & "digesters", this way you keep the fish- & plant(s)- loop separate, and can optimize the water quality needs.


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