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Hi all. My name is Dave - (DaveOponic) and I've been an Aquaponicholic for over ten years now. I started AP in Brunei where I have been teaching since 2005.

I've grown Tilapia mainly and some success with Barramundi. 1000 litre tanks, gravel grow beds, radial filters, occasional success with NFT.

I've just returned to my home on Macleay Island in Brisbane's Moreton Bay where we own a nice home on an acre with a mini orchard and irrigated water supply, big tanks and a whole lot more.

Ive been on and off AP forums including this one for a decade, so not really a newbie. Not an expert either by any means and always ready to learn about new ideas.

I've brought back one and a half tonnes of rooftop solar panels from Asia and plan to utilise them in my retirement in as many ways as I can to save money and the planet.

I'm hoping to set up a new AP system this year and I will be seeking counsel and advice from my friend and mentor Gary.

I'm thinking of growing freshwater crayfish, so if anyone has any experience I would love to get some ideas.

I won't be on this forum much for a while as I am always busy with new projects and have trees, dirt garden, and now a dog to look after.....

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Hi Dave

Welcome back :)

I hope you find time to document & share your solar panels project as you proceed with it, and offcourse also so with the crayfish



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Hi Dave,

Welcome back mate, 

I hope your retirement proves to be enjoyable for you.

Do you still have your Beema?

I fully understand the time issue. I'm sure you'll post when you can.

I've enjoyed your previous projects you have shared and I look forward to reading about your future solar, crayfish and what other projects you wish to share with us.


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