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Hello all, I haven't been on here in a while.  

I am looking to change some stuff up on my system.  What I have first.  

IBC FT gravity flow SOL to a 13 gallon Trash Can radial flow filter.  From there it feeds to a 13 gallon trash can media bio filter.  That flows to 4 continuous flow grow beds and those drain into another 13 gallon trash can sump that houses the pump.  The pump adds water to my NFT tubes and the FT.  The grow beds and filters are all level with FT water level, do if pump fails everything just levels out, and the NFT is above the FT water level.  

Now on to the issues.  

1. Plastic trash cans have failed several times they can't stand the weight of water.  I need to find another suitable container for Filters and sumps. Any ideas on the cheap side.    

2. Flow to filters and continuous flow bed is slow.  I think larger diameter pipes would be better or maybe lowering the grow beds.  I would rather increase flow than change the height.  

3. SLO does not have enough suction to keep the bottom clean.  Maybe adding a Air stone to the SLO to create a Air Lift SLO.  Just a thought.  Maybe number 2 will fix the SLO problems?

Let me know what y'all think I should do.  I would like to get going on this before planting season.  


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