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Adding iron chelate to fish food.

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Through my general browsing I was reviewing a fish food i buy online  (and use)that is specially forumlated for growing bluegill. I noticed that this said company has recently added an "aquaponic" formula. It says that they add chelated iron and a few other minerals for fish growth that you wouldnt typically put in fish food. 

Maybe i have been living under a bubble but i have never seen this before. is this a matter of goodness and convenience for us backyard aquaponic growers? or  should i be concerned about the fish eating stuff that isnt considered a normal part of their balanced diet?


I would like to get  thoughts,  opinions and links to any scientific information on this while i research this more. How available would these nutrients even be to plants? I assume we will have to mineralize solids instead of removing to see any of the benefit?

I think its really interesting and i cant imagine i wont try this soon. 


<redacted brand name>  is a specialty feed that utilizes the same unique formulation approach as our other <reacted> feeds – designed for superior health, performance and water quality. In our Aquaponics feed, we add several critical modifications targeted to promote more rapid plant growth, improved plant budding and fruiting, as well as preserving organic standards.

We achieve this through the use of essential chelated minerals (copper, manganese, iron), as well as optimized phosphorous and potassium supplementation that assist in plant performance without adversely affecting fish growth and health. <redacted> Aquaponic Feed is designed to satisfy the specialized needs required for growing healthy and sustainable fish and produce in your aquaponics systems.



it would be easy for someone to google this brand name and find it, i just didnt want to advertise it or sound like i endorse it  I specifically want to talk about the plant additives to  fish food strategy and not discuss  the brand (at least in this thread). 


Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein - not less than 38%
Crude Fat - not less than 8%
Crude Fiber - not more than 4%
Phosphorous - not less than 2%
Moisture - not more than 10%




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Apparently not all minerals require mineralization to be unlocked for plants. It depends on what form the nutrients are in. They could be released into the aquaponics system through the fish gills and in urine. maybe I was oversimplifying the process in my head? 


I always thought gills, and urine = ammonia.. all other nutrients and micronutrients =solids. 


Does anyone (glances at ande) know of any books  or papers on what forms and types of nutrients are released by fish  through respiration, which through  urination and which solids? maybe it'snot so cut and dry. I will revisit some of the mineralization threads... its possible some of this info is in there i just wasnt "ready to listen" at the time. 



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