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My above ground iAVs setup....

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1 hour ago, aswin said:

An experimental iAVs trial...media used is river sand...powered by 20 tilapia.

Designed for easy understanding and educational purpose....





Neat setup aswin,

Just a suggestion,

I see you have one of the cords set up so if water gets on it it drips down away from the electrical boxes, which is good but...Could you not put the electrical boxes on the side of the growbed, away from the top of the tank?

Looks good though. 


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I know its bad to put electrical box near the water containg fish.they will always splash water on it.but this design is for educational purpose only..ti guess his artangement makes easy to understand  iavs...

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Hi aswin,

In this situation where it looks like there is lots of room, I would suggest to: 

  • Move all the electrics including the aerator to the side of the grow bed, away from the water. 
  • Bring the black conduit under the electrical box and fit a proper electrical fitting to the box that connects and seals the conduit to the box.
  • Put a small grommet in the side where the wires went in originally.
  • Then install your acrylic box around the components for protection against water.


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