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Big News - Animal Abuse - Just Funny AF?

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Hi guys,

I know it's been a while, good to see all of you still here and plugging along.

I just saw this video of a guy punching a Roo, was wondering if anyone else has an opinion on this.


Peta wants the guy fired, some say he is a hero for saving his dog, is it wrong that I just find it funny as heck? I mean seriously, the roo looks at the guy after the punch like, "WTH, Dude? Did you really just punch me?"


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You don't have to be much of a fighter to deal with a kangaroo.  

They are shy relatively shy animals and will usually only become aggressive if cornered or chased (particularly by dogs).    There would have been no issue if the dogs had not chased the 'roo.  

While they are no match for a pack of well-trained hunting dogs, a big buck kangaroo is not defenseless against single dogs.  They have exceptionally powerful legs and can kill a dog....particularly if they get a chance to rake the dogs abdomen with the claws on their hind feet....it opens the dog up like gutting a rabbit.  

They will also take to water (in a lagoon or a farm dam) and when the dogs follow them in to the water, they will grab the dog (like in the video) and drown it.

I think the 'roo showed commendable restraint in not kicking the bloke's backside.

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