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Hi Rav, can you post some pics of your fish tank? What do you have in terms of fish/tank size? Looks like great plant growth!

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My tank is buried right now.  It's just a standard 75 gallon aquarium.  I do have two hang on the back(HOB) filters going.  I've got to restock my test chemicals before I cut them loose, so I can monitor parameters.  I've got 7-8 tilapia in the  tank around 3/4 to 1 lb in size.

Noticed my spinach going to seed, so had to hurry and harvest everything.  I'm still in the learning phase of the LED light and botched  this growth cycle with lots of burned leaves.  Had  a little over 1/2 lb of greens after harvesting and separating the stalks from the leaves in  a 30" x 20" growing area.   Nothing to brag about, but gives a bench mark to improve upon.   I did find out some things.  My aquarium had  been running for about a year as just an aquarium, no growing component.  The nitrate levels were 160 ppm plus.  I kept having problems with the pH jumping up due to the plants raising the pH as they sucked up the nitrate. Once the nitrate dropped  to the 10 to 20 ppm range the pH stabilized.  I kept getting worried as it was heading toward 7.6, but it's back down to 7.0 to 7.2.  I can live with that for a bit. 


plant growth (1024x576).jpg

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