Bigdaddy's Giving iAVs a Go

Hi everybody, Over the last couple of years I have moved into a smaller somewhat different place to where I was before.  (This place is flat, compared with a larger individually engineered block I had before) The move presented me with quite a few challenges in the design of the systems I wanted to build. It is no longer as easy as digging a hole up the top of my back yard, put a grow bed in and run the fish tanks from my pergola area. Now I want to avoid digging holes for my fish tanks (which I really do...Like i want to avoid the plague) soI have to build a substantial table/s to hold my grow bed/s... enter the cost factor.... Before I go any further, you need to know I am limited to the area you see in the picture...And it has to look nice, my orders he he. The other limitation is any heavy outside material has to be transported through my garage and through my house to the backyard as we have no side gates nor side paths and no access through the back fence either. Getting back to the materials, I could go to Bunnings (One of Australia's largest nationwide hardware store chains) and spend a hefty $200.00 plus and buy some heavy duty modular shelving, build that. But I don't want to shell out that kind of money to spend on something to hold my grow beds on just yet.. So I've been keeping my eyes open for things and collecting them along the way and this is what I have so far... I have 2 X 900 X 1200 X 300 Grow beds $40.00 ea, 1 especially cut top 1200 X 900 cost $10.00,  I have hand cut a lump of about 115 X 115 square treated pine to 4 X 900 for my legs The wood cost $20.00 and another $17.00 for screws and drivers to screw the table top on, oh, and the wine barrels, they cost $60.00 ea but unfortunately I don't think they will be suitable as I did a test a couple of months ago for ph and it was way below 6pH, as I suspected so they will possibly be filled with potting mix and an apricot and miniature macadamia maybe, then they will join my lemon and lime trees which have both suffered the same fate. Now I know certain people can not understand the difficulty some people are having obtaining the correct sand, let me assure those people, I am one who is having difficulty obtaining the correct sand at the correct price, and my hunt goes on. I think it is lunacy to pay $250.00 plus, plus delivery for a tonne bulka bag of sand. Back to my equipment, I still have to find suitable liner material.  and then it's a simple matter of sizing the pump up and knocking up a few fittings to suit. I may put up a shed or give it some protection later on but my aim ATM is to get a basic system running first. And on we go... Cheers
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