Aussy Actor Robert Taylor on Longmire?

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I'm guessing Robert Taylor is a well know actor in the land down under?

The wife and I are watching a series on Netflx called Longmire that the actor stars in. For those of you that may not know, it's a crime series that takes place in rural Wyoming USA next to an Indian reservation. Longmire plays the sheriff. 

He's the second Australian actor I've seen lately on the American scene that is able to  sound like a someone native to the United States.  The other one started in a TV series call the Mentalist and his name is Simon Baker. I wonder how difficult that is?

Comments from our Aussy members? 

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Hi Cecil,

Aussie actors have their place over in your neck of the woods and we've had some good and popular ones over the years, but no where near as many as you guys obviously.

I do admire the skills of actors and people from all the arts actually. I think Australians (or anyone from any country) to be able to act and talk with an American (or someone else's)  accent is amazing, seeming the accents are completely different...Good impersonators are another group of people I admire...Think Robyn Williams in Mrs doubtfire, or the voices of Bugs Bunny, Mr magoo, The Simpsons and other cartoon characters.


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