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Nope... Completely different questions...

But to answer your question and this is just my take on it and I don't know if it is correct or not.. But that lady in that radio interview said the majority of the 88 million dollars was donated when two Labor (let's say similar to The Democrats) governments were in power when Prime minister Julia Gillard was in office and when Prime minister Kevin Rudd was in office the rest was split over the course of when The Liberals (similar to The Republicans) were in office, with Prime minister John Howard and also Prime minister Tony Abbott. She also stated that coincidently Julia Gillard is now in a very good job in the U.S. (I can't remember what it is but you'll hear it if listen again to that interview). Kevin Rudd missed out according to her. So all in all Australia probably gained nothing.

My point with the question in my post was The U.S just democratically voted someone in...It seems somewhat undemocratic to me to demonstrate and cause chaos because you do not like what someone has said during an election campaign...I would of thought you'd demonstrate against an action not a statement...

I still ask the question. What's with that?


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15 hours ago, Cecil said:

I liked George as a comedian but that video is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. He should have stuck to being a comedian. thought George Carlin was a comedian?

In my view, he had a better grasp of politics and religion than any other single person that I can think of.  

What better way to be able to tell unpalatable truths than to cloak them in humour?  I mean you can hardly take issue with someone for just having a joke....right?

Wrong!  Just ask Charlie Hebdo.

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This is an interesting read. 

One of few that predicted the Trump win and has been right since 1984 says Trump will be impeached. Even maintains the republicans in DC loath him and would prefer a more stable Pence.

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Didnt the Simpsons predict Trumps victory back in the 80's ?

On a serious side, ive been shaking my head for 40yrs attempting to comprehend the entirety of full circle that is US history (and global history).

Being a direct, full blood Fuller family decedent from the Abigal's voyage to "New England" in 1635... my family history, is US history.

For 400 years the US held its balls in its own hands, through out civil war up to WW1... rightly, wrongly or otherwise.

History shows that the world changed dramatically in the mid-late 19th century. Those with money and power realised the ease at which they could influence this money flow, and the power systems needed to keep the money flowing, to them.

Fast forward another century and nothing has changed.

Almost all the peoples from every nation on the planet is divided between their equivalent's of Democrat & Republican, Liberal & Labour, left or right.

It is a sad but funny and totally honest reality that applies to every country...

We all choose, we all vote, we all laugh and smile whilst the proverbial Red White and Blue duck gets shoved up our collectives backsides....
Regardless of any election victor.
Gosh I love George Carwin.. hehe

As Gary's signature says -
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

21st century humanity has yet to reach the 3rd stage of Truth.

My view is, Only when the mass's wake from this technical age, media induced coma of what they want you to believe, will the human race truly begin to see true peace and love on earth.



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So I read the headlines about Trump cozying up to Russia.  A thought occurred to me.  What if the US, Russia, and China got together and tried to divvy up the world?

I know, I know it sounds far fetched, but is it anymore of a crazy idea than Trump having a chance at being president in the first place?

I was told once that an ancient Chinese curse was to say "may you live in interesting times".    Interesting times are here, I would say.

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