Got my sieve filter basically constructed today

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Gave up on putting it into a blue barrel as for me to get the angle right, the trough would have had to been really far to one side of the barrel. Wasn't sure if I could do that with the Uniseals as they would have been at quite an angle. I opted for making the trough out of 3 inch PVC vs. 2 inch, putting the sieve in squarish tub I picked up at Dollar General for about $9.00.  I will just drop the flow in through the top instead of plumbing in my intake pipe through the side of the tub. 


I will tell you it was quite a challenge using the Uniseals in a thin walled tub. Shoving through the trough through the Uniseals even well greased with vaseline, caused the tub to flex a lot which made things more difficult to line up the edges of the trough on the inside vs. the closed part of the PVC on each side.

Will attach a squarish garbage can to the side for two sock filters soon. Tomorrow I am going to put the plumbing together. 







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