Floods in Adelaide

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Hi BD,

As fate would have it, I flew into Adelaide (on a visit to my 84 year old mother) on the very afternoon that a couple of tornadoes destroyed power transmission infrastructure and plunged the entire state into darkness.

I managed to get into my accommodation....on the sixth floor of an apartment building with no functional elevators or lighting....with barely enough daylight left to find the bed.

This was what some would describe as a perfect storm.  South Australia derives 40% of its power from renewables (largely wind farms) but they are designed to shut down in high winds (of which there were plenty) and the destruction of ten transmission towers meant that the state wasn't getting any of its power-sharing arrangement with Victoria.

South Australian drivers are among the most courteous in the country and that stood them in good stead for the hours that they were without traffic lights.  Imagine how any modest-sized city (Adelaide has a populartion of about 1.4m people) would cope with no traffic lights for the afternoon peak hours....but I drove around without any real concern as Adelaide drivers calmly went about their business.

The other observation of interest was the way people reacted to the crisis in terms of their buying behaviour.  A supermarket near where I stayed had generator power so it was open (everything else was closed....everywhere!).  Full of the expectations of people who live in or near large cities, I walked to the supermarket with the idea that I'd pick up a few things to get me through the power outage.  Anything that could be eaten without cooking was gone.....along with anything that might make the situation more bearable.  It reminded me of the news footage of US cities in similar circumstances.....bare shelves, dimininished tolerance and a mounting sense of panic.

Fortunately, power was restored for much of metropolitan Adelaide just after midnight.....after about eight hours off the air.  Other parts of SA were still without power several days later.

Anyway, I returned to Queensland three days later....with a better understanding of what prompts preppers....and a renewed commitment to setting up my own food bank.


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On ‎10‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 8:02 PM, bigdaddy said:

Adealide and Soth Australia copped an unusual hiding from mother nature over the last month.


So how did you fare from this?

Here in the USA, if that had happened, Hillary would be blaming Trump.

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I blame ALL polititians federal and State from now to maybe 30 years ago for this but I'll save that one for another day maybe.

I faired OK ...Just a few hours with no power, that's all...Bit cold but not to bad...

I have to give a big big shout out to our SES volunteers...What a wonderful buch of people you are...Thank you for all your hard work to help your community.


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