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On 10/1/2016 at 7:23 AM, Ravnis said:

Had not thought about this a  source of the warming.  Guess we need Lake-o-ponics.


Reservoirs play substantial role in global warming

In lake systems, there is a need for effective and economical management method for treating nitrogenous toxicants such as ammonia, nitrite, and mitigation of potent green house gases as mentioned in the article such as nitric oxide and nitrous oxide.  An emerging field of interests is employing certain plant based products that stimulate microbial activity and biochemical transformation which subsequently increase the detoxification potential in lake or pond systems.  This process is often referred to as plant-assisted bioremediation or biostimulation.  By Lake-o-ponics, Ravnis, were you thinking on similar lines, or something else?  

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I was basically thinking of using lake water to  to grow plants in like we do with our recirculating systems.  I've had this idea of doing this with my small 1/2 acre pond in the backyard.  The issue with doing this, is it's full of suspended solids such a clay that would clog a grow bed quickly.  So I have to figure a way to get the clay out of the water and keep the snakes out of the intakes and turtles out of the intakes.   One method I've seen is adding lime to the water.    The other issue is the pond goes completely dry most years, but this year has been extremely rainy so it hasn't.  

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