Hola from the Puerto Rican in West Virginia!

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Hello everyone, my name is Angel. I live in West Virginia now, I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My dream has always been, and will most likely always be, to live as a compliment to this earth, it is not my wish to harm it in any way, if I can find ways to coexist happy and healthy, with no ill effects on the planet that houses me, I'm all for it. Thank you for allowing me access to this group. <3

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Hello Angel and welcome,

Are you looking at building an aquponics system and growing fish and plants from it?

This site is a very intersting site with a wide range of growing systems on it...Some people buy already made systems, others, most, myself included like to build our own and enjoy growing products from them.

ATM I enjoy aquaponics but, I think the intersting thing about this site is there are other quite active sections which you can access an become involved in apart from " just" aquaponics...We have a permiculture section, and backyard aquaculture section to name a couple.



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