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No way to make a blue tank (barrel) fish safe

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that may have had soap in it? Not really sure what was in the tank but it made a little sudz rinsing it out and there was some kind of gelatin stuff in one spot I scraped out. Could be soap? Anyway was able to rinse until no more sudz and added a very strong solution of potassium permanganate. Just letting it sit. 


My problem is my usual source of blue barrels, that were used for a food products, will no longer sell to me. They kept telling me they had no empty ones when I called, but when I finally asked why they never have any anymore, they said they just sold several to one individual. Apparently someone is giving them more and wants exclusive rights to the barrels. Disappointed they couldn't just come out and say so. I was also be willing to pay more though. I told them to contact me as soon as they have one and I would be right over, and they refused. Said they had a problem with people never showing up. Never had a problem with me. Oh well. 


My new source known as Rural King had several barrels but has no ideas what was in them. Seems funny to be selling barrels like that as farm supply...

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10 hours ago, DaveWick said:

I get my blue barrels from Rural King.  No issues here, they are empty for $20/each which I've always considered pretty inexpensive.

Just wish they knew what was in them. 

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