Wow amazing what tilapia will do to filamentous algae

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Planted almost a 100 extra 3 to 8 inch blue tilapia into my perch production pond to see if they will munch down the FA and pond weeds before I seine the pond. The FA is a problem when seining for obvious reasons. Wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but within a couple of weeks all the floating filamentous algae is gone. I still see some on the bottom but it too seems to be dwindling. At the same time I'm getting an algae bloom but not excessive yet. I'll keep monitoring it with a secchi disk. 


The amount I put in is quite high for only a 1/10th acre pond, but I will be moving some via a seine to another pond soon.


I was aware they are used for algae control and have sold them for such, but now I know first hand.


The added bonus is they are spawning and I can use the offspring to restock the four high schools in August I supply for the year and then sell for algae control once the school year is over.  

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As you can see after draining the pond and removing the tilapia adults, tilapia fry, and yellow perch fry -- in early August -- the tilapia did a good job of wiping out filamentous algae and any pondweeds. I was wrong about planting 100 adult tilapia. It was more like 140! Usually this pond becomes  a nightmare of FA and pond weeds! 


Species was Blue Tilapia and were purchased as fry from White Brook Farms (Kellen here) through an onsite sponsor Allied Aqua. All the spawning depressions made it hard to seine the tilapia as they were able to scoot under the net. All but one tilapia was hand netted by walking down the ladder in the picture when the water level got to a few inches. Hard work in insulated chest waders in 90 plus heat! I would have waited but clarity with the seechi dish got down to 12 inches and was worried about the bloom crashing. Not sure if it was really a concern? Anybody know? 


I think any future tilapia will be produced indoors! 





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