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Hello everyone. I'm new to the concept of "Microponics". I have a couple aquaponics systems in my back yard. I'm also into Rabbitry and Permaculture as well. I've got a few chickens that lay me plenty of eggs and produce grade A fertilizer. I would love to know if anyone has some tips on doing Microponics in climates like mine. For starters we get crazy weather down here.  One minute it's bone dry and then bam... Crazy rain storms with high winds etc. Another real big challenge is the horribly sandy soil. On the plus side it drains nice and cuts down on the root rot. We also have a problem with fruit rats. They are horrible. I use Tom Cat baits to work with them but there must be a better way. It seems like if you don't put out the Tom Cat poison, they will take a nibble out of every vegetable and fruit in your backyard. Last but not least... We've got bugs like no other place in country. They should make the mosquito into the state bird.  The Tiger Mosquitos here are big enough to stand flat footed and hump a chicken.


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



Daniel Jerome

Palm Harbor, FL

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Greetings DanJerome.


We have similar downpours here.  We're probably even in the same zone.  I'm 9B.  What are you?


I live in New Orleans, and I can attest to a city with a rat population.  The only way I keep them at bay is to put rat poison inside one of those bait boxes that allow rats and mice in, but keep out other animals. I use the serious stuff that is supposed to kill them with one bite.  This will take care of the problem for possibly 6 months or so after it kills them for a city block radius or something.  I hate to have to do that, but I already tried traps.  Another issue I have are opossums, or possums.  I usually catch them by hand at night and throw them by the river batture.  They aren't hard to grab because they seriously play possum.  I live close to the river.  Well, most people live close to water here. Rats or mice seem to love my bell peppers.  The issue with that is I also love my bell peppers.  They also will trample over plants that are young and just sprouting up.


As for soil conditions, I grow everything in raised beds.  My soil beds are wicking beds with compost.  The rest of them are gravel culture with a reservoir in the ground and nutrient solution derived from RAS water and mineralized fish waste.  Sometimes commercial hydroponic soluble fertilizer.


Everything is under a makeshift pergola now.  I'm currently using lattice sheets on the top of it for a dappled shade effect, and that seems to be working.  I put it up over the two wicking beds last year, and those plants under there thrived through the summer while the others died out from the heat wave we had last summer.  Now everything is under it.  The tricky part here is growing in the summer, not the winter.


I think any kind of farming must be learning the particulars of your own environment.  Especially micro-farming.  A commercial farm might have 1,000 or more of something, but I might have 1 or 10.  So I don't have a lot of leeway when something messes it up.

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