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Found this at another forum.. thought of sharing here.


Good to see world universities are picking up Commercial Aquaponics as a subject for research but I wonder why Draud has not even heard about iAVs and is now trying to re-invent the wheel and inventing new technologies.  What do you think?

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I think on the surface of the article it sounds good and it's good that universities are researching ways to make running costs less...The less running costs do need to outweigh the initial purchase and engineering costs though, and that's where I can see there being problems as always seems the case in these instances...


I wonder if this aquaponics setup will be running in 6 years time and if it will be profitable then or the funds dried up and it closed down or transformed to something different?


In New South Wales, Australia there is a large greenhouse growing produce aquaponically called or used to be called Blue Start Farms, Paul was involved in a large green house in the Middle East which grows aquaponic grown produce. There are some buildings in The U.S.A. which have been used to grow aquaponic produce so It's around.


I agree the running costs and implementation costs should be studied with the view of making large scale aquaponics cheaper to run.


Thanks for posting ...Interesting article.



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