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High fish fans.


I am the founder of Ausyfish in Queensland, (www.ausyfish.com) where many Australian native freshwater species are breed for aquaculture and aquaponics.

I have been breeding these species for almost 30 years.


I am writing to you here hoping to field off some of my emails and phone calls, by letting you all know about a few of knowledge resources available, to help build your knowledge on some of the freshwater fish available from hatcheries that can be grown for the table.


I am often asked about the best species to grow and if they are suitable for raising in tanks, ponds etc.

Here are a couple of web sites and one YouTube channel that will help answer some of those questions.

www.jadeperch.com and www.ausyfish.com 


The YouTube channel also has video of the "home" of jade perch where I catch the brood stock for our hatchery.

you can also see the hormone induction of jade perch.



I hope you find these links useful.


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Hi Bruce,


Welcome to APN (formerly Aquaponics HQ).


For the benefit of local folks, I've been dealing with Bruce and Ausyfish for almost ten years.   Bruce (Jadeperchman), in the capacity of Past President of the Aquaculture Association of Queensland, provided the foreword for my Urban Aquaponics Manual back in 2008.


Ausyfish' service has been good and they've always supplied me with quality fingerlings.  Like most farmers, they are in the paddock (or pond) for much of the day so they can be hard to contact by phone.  Fortunately, their web site is well-equipped for online ordering.


Quite by coincidence, I'm expecting an order of 100 jade perch from Ausyfish on Thursday morning.  These are the first fish that I've had since moving to Macleay Island so I'm pretty excited.  Being able to get them so late in the season has been a real stroke of luck.



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G'day Gary. Thanks for the "welcome."

Pleased to hear you are getting some fish this from us.

We should have jade perch available for many months. We usually have silver perch available year round.

Have you seen my underwater video of the 65,000 jade perch dancing to music?

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I match your 65,00 jades... and up the pot with,

10 Toga's in a Tank :sword:


Welcome aboard 'Boss' ... ( haha, 30 year old inside joke  :thumbsu:  )




Yes folks, the Toga's were from Bruce too.

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200 ya reckon...

I believe that at the time of this (bad) video, this tank had every species from your farm... plus a few more.



Been a struggle this past year mate, but hey, im still posting :D

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