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Producing my first crappies

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Morts have stopped and crappies are eating the Aquamax starter fry powder. Ironically they seem to like it better than the crushed freeze dried krill. The krill doesn't sink as well either. I believe I lost 10 percent at most. I think keeping them in a 0.5 percent solution of salt when moving them, acclimating them to inside temps, and in the ras itself, is probably a big reason for success so far. I'm a big believer in salt as a stress reliever, external skin mucous stimulator, and parasite imploding agent.

Now the work is to keep the water clean as the sinking fry power creates cloudy water at the rate I need to feed them. I'm doing daily water changes and sucking up any debris on the bottom of the fish tank. Once they can take larger floating feed the wear clears up markedly. Some time in the future I plan on adding a sand filter to solve the problem. 


i'm pumping the pond down now and may be able to get more fingerlings that way although I really don't need any more if most of these survive. 

Hope to add some pictures soon.

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Well done Cecil,

They look similar to our Aussie, Coal Grunter.
Though as mentioned before, Aussie natives requiring hormone induction to spawn.

Ahh yes, Salt, the magic elixir of life.
I thought that the temp difference from pond to tank was a bit ambitious, alas, no huge drama it appeared.

I was a huge fan of the simple old air driven sponge filter when it came to "cloud feeding" fry.



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I can see where a sponge filter would work. 

Tomorrow I will do a 60 percent water change. 


I find it fascinating how certain body shape and fin placements are universal in both freshwater and saltwater. I.E. Obviously they have evolved that way to be optimum for their habitat and feeding methods. I know fellow taxidermists that have taken a cast of a large grouper and painted it like a largemouth bass. (Micropterus salmodies). Very convincing! And pretty cool to see a 50 pound largemouth bass replica. LOL 

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