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Another commercial aquaponics lettuce factory and fish farm startup coming up in Brooklyn, New York city.

Read the news at the link below. I have tried to add some pluses and minuses.


Several pluses,
- food production goal of 100 tonnes (organic salad) planned for grocery stores and restaurants
- indoor farm, inside a warehouse, using grow lights (LED)
- industrial scale ecosystem as claimed (I don't think so)
- area used is 6000 square feet (550 square meter)
- proximity to big cities such as Cincinnati


Minuses IMO (as per NARDC experience),
- waste of cash, time, and resources. In brief, square meter installation costs are high.
- sunlight is free. Retrofits and lighting costs are high. 
- commercial aquaponics is for greenhouses (polyhouses) or rain shelters not for warehouses
- installation time given is one year
- scaling up over time is limited


Over to you. I am curious to read your comments.



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I've always felt that if you can minimize shipping costs you have more room for margin, so I believe in the potential. And if LED light systems cost continues to drop it becomes more and more viable. The only other facility like this that has seemed to survive is FarmedHere in Chicago; I wonder if they have turned a profit yet after 5 years, and I don't know how much of what they are doing is aqua vs hydro. They just announced a new facility in Louisville KY though so something must be working.

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