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Easter Hollidays has begun around here, so one of my best friend is "babysitting"

his grandson "Victor"

So what does elder boys do when you get to play with the young. :)


We go fishing ;)


And we got lucky :D new record for that fjord 9,8 kg :lol:







 the proud grand son/father, Victor wants to go for bigger fish tomorrow :sword:


and below our supper to day codhead&liver yumi yumi :bbq:


post-968-0-27438200-1458752725_thumb.jpg post-968-0-90537300-1458753337_thumb.jpgpost-968-0-27760300-1458753409_thumb.jpg


man is it cool to babysit :rock: :rock:




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Fishing with your children is awesome way to spend quality time outdoors with them. I take my son often. When I was younge my grandfather took me with him a lot. We caught all kinds of fish but the most the one thing he taught me is not always good to keep them all. Once my grandfather father and myself went off the cost and hung a monster. Fault this fish for hours before we found out what she was. Barely got her into the boat 7ft plus hammerhead. Right before we cut her we noticed she was pregnant. So we released her. This has resulted in future accounts making similar decisions with larger fish. The memories of the fight catch and time spent with family worth more than showing of all the big ones. Some need to stay to make future fishing possible.😀

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