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This is the greenhouse I just finished, well it is almost done still need to add one curtain.  Please forgive the mess, I am not the neatest of builders.  All of the work was done by myself with the help of hydraulics and electro magnets which are SO useful on a steel frame greenhouse.  It is 24'X50'.  The back of the greenhouse is attached to my woodshop.  The trees you can see are Mango's and built the greenhouse around them while trying not to drop any steel on them.  The posts and frame are all heavy wall 2"x2" steel.   The purlins are all chainlink fence top rail.  


After The posts were all set.  They are set 3' deep with a 80lb back of concrete in each hole. 




This is the 2x2 inch metal tubing.  You cut it at a angle, turn one side over and weld it back to itself.  It connects the posts to A frame.




The rafters were built on the ground and the piece in the picture above attached as well as the cross support then the entire piece is lifted up thanks to the boom I connected to my tractor.  Then you just place them on the posts.




Basic frame up




The doors fabricated and installed.  The doors are TALL at 10'.  It allows me to ventilate better and be able to get the tractor inside.






This is where the electromagnets help as they hold one end while I level it and fasten it.  




Twinwall installed on front





These are the braces made from chainlink top rail smashed flat by a ram my friend designed when he built he geodesic dome greenhouse.  Saved me a LOT of work as hammering them flat takes time and at two per post....




This is the first greenhouse I built last fall which is attached to the other end of my woodshop. It is a bit smaller at 17'x30' As you can see it is a different style.  It is domed and a bit shorter in height though I can still get the tractor in, 7' doors.  It has two layers of roof plastic with an inflation blower between the plastic so that the water would not pool up.  Pooling is bad as it can lead to magnification of the sun and start a fire.  I know it sounds weird but a friend has had two fires now from his flat roofed greenhouse.  Pool of water forms and as it evaporates it can create a perfect lens like a magnifying glass.  





It takes time and some considerable labor but isn't that bad of a project.  


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Never enough GH room:)  

On the GH shown above I added an extension to it, the new GH is 36' x 30'  I had to lower it a bit to match up as well as I could to the existing GH so it is now 86' long.  I finished that GH a couple weeks back and started on the next one which is 75' X 22'  






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